Friday, February 11, 2005

is it just us or does this gown from vera wang's latest collection look a little eerily like the marc jacobs dress that liv tyler wore to the golden globes last year? we liked vera's collection even though, aside from the marc jacobs rip off, it was one of the many prada rip offs for fall 2005. we'll provide our full review of new york fashion week in a future hart.

meanwhile, we're so disappointed that wendy pepper stole austin scarlett's rightful spot on the catwalk in "project runway". she is only marginally talented and her time would be better spent learning how to properly apply makeup than trying to become the next nicole miller (whose fall collection was a big ugh, by the way). we're now rooting for dark horse, jay mccarroll to collect the big prize. he's a longshot with kara saun to deal with, though.