Wednesday, February 16, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey i'm not feeling clever today. on to 2001's gossip.

four years ago today, people were chattering about:
  • erin brockovich. she was excited to be going to the oscars where she would see julia roberts, who portrayed her on screen, win the award for best actress. remember when people cared about erin brockovich? that was lame.
  • speaking of julia, she caused some talk when she used the men's room at la eatery, the ivy, because the line for the ladies' room was too long. she may actually get away with using the men's room now that she has a son's diapers to change.
  • farrah fawcett. she tried the infamous, "don't you know who i am?" line on a cop who was writing her a parking ticket. she ran out of the store where she was trying on shoes at the time. the line didn't work. she ended up paying for the ticket and the shoes. now her on-again/off-again boyfriend, ryan o'neal, is the one doing the running - after her - on the reality show "chasing farrah".
  • tom cruise and nicole kidman. it was rumored that they both had hired private investigators to dig up dirt on each other for their divorce case. nicole recently found a listening device planted outside her australian home. wonder if tommy's responsible for that one?
  • george clooney. he decided to keep dating model, lisa snowdon, because she got approval from his pet pig, max. though he and snowdon broke up later, george must still value max's input. they're back together now.

    on february 16, 2001:
  • ice t turned 43.
  • levar burton turned 44.
  • sonny bono would have been 66.