Wednesday, February 02, 2005

how could we have so underestimated our readers? you totally ripped our semi-weekly celebrity guessing game to shreds this time, having seen the picture in a tabloid the week before (even if you incorrectly identified said tabloid). unfortunately, britpoppa gets most of her gossip online and was not privy to the tabloid in question (we solely subscribe to us weekly here). believe me, if we had been privy, this picture would not have run. we'll try harder next time, we swear.

in the meanwhile, if you're not familiar with celebrity spawn, these two ladies are riley keough and rumer willis, daughters of lisa marie presley and danny keough, and demi moore and bruce willis, respectively. we're thrilled to tears that they've taken to shopping with clasped hands. it's incredibly endearing. we mean, if the red string bracelet and a good purif can't keep evil away, there's nothing like a buddy.

in case you were wondering erroneous guesses included: lindsay lohan, an olsen twin and kate hudson.