Monday, February 07, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey have you been stuck with a case of the mondays? there's only one cure for this dreaded syndrome, 2001: a gossip odyssey.

on february 7, 2001, hollywood was buzzing with the news that:
  • julianne moore was speaking out against george w. bush's stance on abortion. we bet she's thrilled that he got re-elected.
  • jude law and sadie frost were set to star in a ridley scott movie about the pirate, captain kidd. could it have been their wife-swapping sessions, which would start that summer, that kept the project from coming to fruition?
  • nicole kidman and tom cruise would fight bitterly in court over their $450 million fortune after announcing their split the day before. the fight couldn't have been too bitter as they appear to still be cordial.
  • george clooney was denying any involvement in the nicole/tom break-up. though nicole appeared very happy to be presenting clooney with a golden globe just one month before, he claimed it was not a result of their involvement. it seems clooney's always in the middle of the golden couple splits. he's been very quick to defend buddy, brad pitt in his current separation from jennifer aniston.
  • arnold schwarzenegger was a sexist pig. premiere magazine was about to publish an article that documented several counts of sexual harassment on the part of the body builder. schwarzenegger is still dodging these types of claims, but it hasn't kept him from winning the office of california's governor.
  • robert downey jr. was being treated for depression. unfortunately, his treatment wouldn't keep him from being arrested for possession in april of that year and subsequently fired from "ally mcbeal".

    four years ago today:
  • tina majorino had her sweet sixteen.
  • ashton kutcher turned a squeaky clean 23.
  • chris rock turned 36.
  • eddie izzard and garth brooks celebrated their 39th birthday (not together, we're assuming).
  • james spader turned 41.
  • pete postlethwaite turned 56.