Tuesday, February 22, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey did anyone care about paris hilton in 2001? we think not. that's why we're heading back to that hallowed year to bring you the best gossip that money can buy - all at no cost to you!

four years ago we overheard a real know-it-all saying that:
  • liam neeson credited martin scorsese for his recovery from a motorbike accident. his incentive to get better was starring in gangs of new york. unfortunately, neeson's determination wasn't rewarded with an oscar nod. he was snubbed again this year, despite his noteworthy performance in kinsey.
  • jennifer lopez had fired her bodyguard for getting caught smuggling marijuana into canada. she went on to fire second husband, chris judd - possibly for smuggling shakira videos into their home.
  • guy ritchie regular, vinnie jones had managed to piss off john travolta on the set of swordfish by flying the british flag from his trailer. perhaps travolta put a scientology hex on jones - he hasn't made many big films since then.
  • russell crowe and his proof of life director, taylor hackford were not too friendly during filming. crowe even called hackford a "fucking idiot" and a "knob". russ is as volatile as ever. problems with the director of his film with nicole kidman, eucalyptus, has delayed the movie indefinitely.

    on february 22, 2001:
  • tamara mello was half way to 50.
  • drew barrymore turned 26. holy shit, she's thirty today!
  • jeri ryan turned 33.
  • rachel dratch turned 35.
  • steve irwin turned 39.
  • kyle maclachlan turned 42.
  • julie walters turned 51.
  • jonathan demme turned 57.
  • billy name turned 61.
  • ted kennedy turned 69.
  • tori amos and mark hawley celebrated their third anniversary.