Wednesday, February 16, 2005

christina aguilera stepped out on valentine's day wearing the huge rock her fiance, jordan bratman gave her. if we had a genie in a bottle, we'd ask for something a little more low key.

nic cage may not have been able to score himself a presley spawn, but he's proven his little guys can swim. he's knocked up his child bride, alice, the former sushi waitress. kudos.

get ready for the wiez. pauly shore is back. tbs has signed on to air at least 10 episodes of an upcoming reality show in which shore tries to revamp his mother's famous stand-up venue, the comedy store. the first pitch was to have shore and stephen baldwin in a biosphere, but that had already been done.

jennifer lopez pulled a lindsay lohan. she's called in sick and will be skipping the london premiere of shall we dance. her illness has also caused her to cancel her european tour. could it be morning sickness?

liv tyler proved yesterday that the only thing cuter than a baby is a baby in a snuggly. milo sure is adorable. and his mom's not half bad either.

p. diddy's facing some legal woes again. but at least this time there's no gun involved. he's been sued by random house over a $300k advance that they gave him for a memoir that he never completed. we imagine diddy stopped writing when he got to the j. lo chapter. he's still heartbroken over the loss of that ass.

jessica simpson may be heading to puffy for legal advice as she may soon be sued too. she had signed on for a fitness video, but the company involved, speedfit, did not want her to include her trainer, michael alexander, in the video. bad choice, speedfit. if alexander got jessica looking this good, we'd certainly be interested in what he had to say. jessica will duet with country music legend, willie nelson on the soundtrack for her film, dukes of hazzard. willie plays uncle jesse in the movie.

get out your barfbag. rod stewart learned that he had won his first grammy while having sex. there you go, cough it all up now.

madonna went out in her usual homeless chic style the other day in london. the pop princess plans on changing her sound again with her next album. she has been inspired by the darkness and franz ferdinand and will play guitar throughout much of the record.

we think we might know the reason that destiny's child singer, kelly rowland has "postponed" her wedding to dallas cowboy, roy williams. when he proposed to her, he asked if she would be his husband. could it have been a freudian slip?

did brad pitt stick it to april florio or not? he says no, but she says he tried. brad claims he never even met the model/actress, but photos in this week's us weekly show that they were together in greece. florio accuses pitt of trying to kiss her and says that he spoke of angelina jolie "like she was a goddess". this is proof that the hottest guys have no game. if you're trying to score, you don't go talking about another woman, brad.

meanwhile, vince vaughn has gone public to defend the honor of his pal, jennifer aniston. he claims that the pictures of them that us weekly published last week were merely depicting an innocent business meeting. "people wanna try to sell magazines," vaughn said. "you can't take it personal that's just their job."

ben affleck and jennifer garner are just like us. they eat at baja fresh, they buy their undergarments at old navy and they cover their faces while they're out in public.

though he's usually the slighted sidekick in the movies, jeremy piven has landed the babe in real life. he's dating vanessa marcil, formerly of "beverly hills, 90210" and now of "las vegas". the two were inseparable at a heineken party the other night.

wait, we thought paris dumped paris. the ny daily news is reporting that paris hilton is possibly engaged to greek shipping heir, paris lastis. he supposedly proposed using the age-old ring in the chocolate souffle technique. she just couldn't let nicole have the spotlight for once, could she?

better download those stills while they're still online. maggie gyllenhaal has vowed never to do a nude scene again after her latest trials filming shall not want. come on, maggie. nudity is what got you noticed in the first place. where would you be without secretary?

elisha cuthbert bundles up while doing a beach photo shoot. her double bathrobes give her a sort of virgin mary next door look.