Monday, February 28, 2005

britney spears is longing for the innocence and wonder of her wedding day. she's gone brunette again and was seen with husband kevin federline attending a showing of the wedding date in her hometown of kentwood. looks to us like she's rocking nice and easy.

just in case you live under a rock (clearly not chris), last night was the oscars. for a list of the winners (million dollar baby), click here. for some oscar gowns, click here and here (hart will feature britpoppa's best and worst tomorrow). also, defamer blogged the show. it's probably funny, but we don't feel like reading it. one nominee who almost missed the event was leonardo dicaprio. he nearly died when he choked on a carrot last week. and don't forget the independent spirit awards. the winners of those, held saturday, are here.

hilary swank almost didn't win her second oscar for best actress. not because she and annette benning were in a tight race. no, she's lucky that neither sandra bullock nor ashley judd were the star of million dollar baby. maybe she should be cursing the actresses instead of thanking them - reports are swirling that her success is getting to husband, chad lowe. we don't buy that for a second, though. theirs is one of the only hollywood marriages that seems genuinely in good shape.

stella mccartney may have to miss out on her line's paris runway show this week. she just gave birth to her first child, a son. let's hope she doesn't ape pal, gwyneth paltrow and name him orange.

the video fred durst's limp bizkit was stolen from his computer by a repair man. a note to celebrities: clean out your "p" file and save that stuff to disk (via oh no they didn't).

wow, christina aguilera looks normal again. not goth slut or marilyn monroe wannabes here. just a lovely bride-to-be. maybe her wedding will actually be a classy affair.

elisa's dish:
  • mary-kate olsen must have watched "project runway". when she ran into the show's big winner, jay mccarroll at bungalow 8, she asked him to design for her. we hope he can do the hobo look.
  • cynthia nixon and her lover, christine marinoni must not read victory lap or the new york times; they've moved to park slope, brooklyn.
  • chris rock took his breaks in between jokes while hosting last night's oscars to play playstation. rock, 8-bit nintendo is where it's at.

    look's like tom cruise has already started brainwashing his new girlfriend. sofia vergara has been visiting the scientology centre. guess that means she's being hounded by body thetans as well as the paparazzi.

    close call; david beckham was nearly egged after he blew a game with his footie team, real madrid. maybe it's the crazy fans that have made victoria beckham decide to move back to the uk.

    sarah jessica parker's son, james, does a little dance for her. maybe he'll want to follow in his mother's footsteps and be a child star. "square pegs" could really use a comeback.

    aaron carter likes to get high without a shirt on. we have the pictures to prove it.

    if you wrote a script and could have any actor in the world play your lead, who would you choose? a screenwriter from alton, mo. dreamed of josh hartnett. when he couldn't contact him, he placed an ad in hartnett's local paper. guess tom cruise's paper had reached it's ad quota for the week.

    the search for the next james bond is still going, with a seemingly different frontrunner for every news source. some say julian mcmahon from nip/tuck. others claim it's between clive owen and some random dude.

    jennifer lopez is pregnant. though she "has yet to tell friends of her happy news", somehow the tabloids know. something smells fishy here, and it's not marc anthony's breath. though, perhaps her pregnancy can explain why the diva, normally dressed to the nines, has been going out in ratty sweatshirts like this one. yuck.

    too good to be true: shannon elizabeth participates in naked treasure hunts in los angeles. i think many a man would say that shannon elizabeth naked is treasure enough for them.

    "the bachelorette" 3-hour finale airs tonight on abc. jen schefft has definitely been coy about the results, not indicating that she has fell in love. word is, she dumped jerry shortly after agreeing to marry him.

    it seems like jessica's not the only one in her household who's been dabbling in drugs. page sixsixsix got a tip that nick lachey is addicted to steroids and alcohol (via pink is the new blog).

    scarlett johansson hasn't gotten the memo about uggs being out of style. she rocked this pair at disneyland last weekend. wonder what she's looking up at. maybe she's expecting dumbo to fly overhead.