Monday, January 24, 2005

welcome to an all-sundance illustrated edition of britpoppa, featuring keri russell in an urban outfitters t-shirt. celebs - they dress like you (if k.r. even counts as a celeb any more)! see also, paris hilton in last year's arden b chanel knock-off blazer.

paris was having all sorts of trouble at the film festival, having to dodge her ex, rick salomon, and his reunited girlfriend, shannen doherty, several times. life is so hard for an heiress. maybe we'll finally understand what it's like when she opens her chain of stores featuring innumerable paris hilton items.

still sulking over the fact you didn't get to rub elbows with heidi klum and hillary clinton at the trump wedding on saturday? pretend you were there with these photos.

who's the next celeb to walk down the aisle? may be drew barrymore. she was wedding gown shopping with a friend in nyc recently (via a socialite's life). or could it be christina aguilera? celebrity spies have seen her boyfriend, jordan bratman, out ring shopping.

simon cowell is probably used to people mistaking him for the grinch, but not a homeless person. he was recently given $2 by a couple who saw him standing outside the ivy and suspected he was a vagrant.

the way michael vartan's been sulking around hollywood, he's likely to never be kissed again. star magazine says he is still upset over his break up with jennifer garner and having to film steamy love scenes with her is no help.

you've gotta bundle up when your band is called the frozen embryos, right jared leto? no wait, your real band's called 30 seconds to mars, so what's your excuse for that hat?

man, those celebrity photographers stay up pretty late. david lachapelle was arrested outside marquee's temporary location at sundance on saturday morning at 8 am. he was apparently disturbing the peace.

also disturbing the peace at sundance was ex-potential first daughter, alexandra kerry. she went in to the converse suite and made a fuss, requesting several pairs of shoes, even though the clerk was busy with someone else. "i am NOT impressed with what's going on here," said kerry to the clerk. it takes a lot to impress a kerry.

apparently a "worst-dresser" can impress a heinz, though. kerry's half-brother, chris heinz, is finally able to go public with his relationship with diane kruger now that she has split from her husband. kruger is most recently known for her horrible golden globes gown and her horrible film, wicker park.

how was this rumor not spread more quickly. angelina jolie wants to adopt a tsunami orphan. of course she does. julia roberts was also deeply affected by the disaster and has matched sandra bullock's $1 million donation, which she put in her twins's names.

it work'd for punk'd. ashton kutcher is set to host another reality show, this time for the wb. the show will be called "beauty and the geek" and it pairs bimbos with nerds to see who is the most compatible. this one sounds like a real winner.

kylie just can't get her lost royalties out of her head. she's suing her former producer for money she claims he owes her from a re-release of a greatest hits album.

while no one can deny that keira knightley and her man are looking cute on the festival circuit, britpoppa wishes she would grow her hair long again.

let's hope the termination of proenza schouler designers, jack mccollough and lazaro hernandez's relationship will not mean the termination of their amazing line of clothing. the two have gotten their own apartments, but will continue with their label for now.

puff daddy must have really gotten into the life of a stage actor when he performed last year in "a raisin in the sun." he's now toying with the idea of buying andrew lloyd webber's london theaters. i've always liked the idea of a black hamlet.

poor christian slater. first, he nearly misses being knifed, and now he's splitting up with his wife of 4 years, ryan haddon. maybe she got fed up with the strip clubs and beatings.

nicole kidman has some advice for you gals with a wedding trigger finger. don't buy your dress before you meet your man. she thinks having found her wedding dress prior to meeting tom cruise cursed her marriage. couldn't be that the groom was gay, could it?

r.i.p. johny c.

maggie gyllenhaal singlehandedly attempts to bring back the jumpsuit. hey, if j. lo couldn't do it three years ago, you have no chance. naomi watts tries to do the same for wraparound shades.