Monday, January 31, 2005

we have to admit, we were going through a little bit of mary-kate and ashley withdrawal. lucky for us, they were going through a little bit of shopping withdrawal and got caught on film.

minnie driver won't get out of bed for less than $6,000/day. she recently had her rep call a volkswagen spokesperson to see how much their gift bag was worth at sundance. when she heard it was valued at a "measly" $6,000, she did not attend the event.

wanna see tara reid's wedding on "the ellen degeneres show"? yeah, me either, but the surgically augmented starlet has promised to be wed on the program if she finds a soulmate through it. she's asked viewers to send in tapes if they are interested in dating her.

jennifer lopez is desperate to hear the pitter patter of little feet. she's so anxious to become pregnant with marc anthony's child that she's started praying to a statue in a homemade shrine.

if you want the real gossip, ask a restauranteur. the owner of nyc hot spot lotus, jeffrey jah, spilled the dirt on several celebrities in a recent interview. according to jah, mark wahlberg has been kicked out twice, tobey maguire will not sit near joaquin phoenix and puff daddy, naomi campbell and paris hilton expect their meals comped.

gwen stefani wears her religion on her sleeveless shirt as she jogs in la. it takes hard work to keep up with those harajuku girls.

britney spears is continuing her makeover of her husband, kevin federline. she was recently present for his details photoshoot where she convinced the photographer to shoot kevin again for l'uomo vogue. we sure wish someone would shoot kevin.

are you a fan of "project runway's" jay mcconnell? well, aren't we all? designer abbe diaz is one of the many and she's offered him a section at her nyc boutique, bagutta life.

lara flynn boyle has taken after her character in wayne's world and gone completely psycho hose beast. while on a flight to london, she stripped down and tried to get in bed with another passenger.

unlikely imdb news:
  • orlando bloom/kate bosworth update: this time orlando has broken it off. next week, expect speculation that they are engaged.
  • jennifer aniston is suspected to be dating vincent cassel, husband of monica bellucci. bellucci is not mentioned in story.

    "dude, check out those slopes!" tobey maguire uses his spidey sense while snowboarding in park city, ut.

    "will you marry flea?" the bassist of the red hot chili peppers proposed to his model girlfriend, frankie rayder, with a "fat diamond ring". rayder said, "yes".

    if britpoppa's favorite band, blur, is right, wife swapping is the future, but it sure didn't suit jude law and sadie frost. according to the british tabloid, news of the world, sadie started the swap when she did a sexy striptease for supergrass drummer, danny goffey and his girlfriend, pearl lowe. as the couples traded off, things got out of control when jude became obsessed with pearl, infuriating sadie. but the swinging isn't the only detail revealed by the tab. notd also states that sienna miller is 27, not 23 as is widely held.

    here's proof that the ivy leagues will do anything to matriculate a celebrity: haylie duff said at sundance that she's headed to harvard to study sociology.

    keira knightley could never be a stripper. she attended lap dancing classes for her role in domino, but was unable to get the moves down. she had to get a body double for the bottom half because, according to the actress, "i couldn't bend in the way you're meant to bend."

    eva mendes keeps a low profile as she strolls down the street. she'll need to stay on the dl if hitch makes her a huge star.