Wednesday, January 12, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey thank goodness for 2001: a gossip odyssey. if it wasn't for britpoppa's latest feature, we'd all be wondering about...

what was keeping the rumor mill turning four years ago:
  • meg ryan unwittingly ended her fling with russell crowe when she told him she wanted to have his baby. through artificial insemination, i hope. that guy's gross.
  • jim carrey was leaving on a jet plane. he had recently purchased a gulfstream v for $41 million.
  • would catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas's marriage survive a two-month separation as she filmed america's sweethearts? unfortunately for america, it did.
  • kate beckinsale made a bad investment. she agreed to forego her wages in exchange for a share of the profits from stinker, pearl harbor.
  • jason priestly was sentenced to five days at los angeles' gateways communication correction center for dui. unfortunately, the stay didn't do much to correct his stuck-in-the-'90s hair.
  • david schwimmer's "friends" co-stars, matt leblanc and matthew perry, played a little trick on him. they made him think the car he was test-driving had amazing gas mileage by refilling the tank without his knowledge. later, they emptied it and stranded him. those crazy guys!

    on january 12, 2001:
  • andrew lawrence turned 13.
  • zack de la rocha and raekwon turned 31.
  • heather mills turned 33.
  • rob zombie and olivier martinez turned 35.
  • oliver platt turned 41.
  • howard stern turned 47.
  • rush limbaugh and kirstie alley turned 50.