Monday, January 03, 2005

tara reid did what she does best on new year's, drink. here she is double fisting and chugging a beer.

david schwimmer was being his sleazy self again in miami over new year's. he was desperately trying to get himself introduced to jessica alba, who is 15 years younger than the former "friends" star. much to his dismay, she was with her "hunky mystery man", cash warren. see pics of jess and cash making out (as well as some shots of the "dark angel's" A as she bends over in a bikini) here (via oh no they didn't).

mary-kate and ashley olsen were giving their employees a real treat this year: used clothes. the pint-sized sisters opened up their closets for their staff, giving them their pick of clothing and accessories. according to one eyewitness, "people were walking out with wheelbarrows full of stuff." either dualstar employs a hell of a lot of midgets or these goodies are going on ebay.

rebecca loos has gone and showed off her loose lips again. she revealed that victoria beckham, whose husband she allegedly slept with while working for him in madrid, has had three boob jobs. not that it's at all surprising. there's no way a stick figure like posh could maintain a rack like that.

karrine steffans has gone public about her three-month affair with usher "do it for poppy" raymond, proving why she has earned the nickname, "superhead". she tells all about the pop star's penchant for public sex and demeaning remarks. for details on other hip-hop stars' bedroom behavior, check this out.

imdb news:
  • diana ross has pulled out of her deal to create her own line of cosmetics with mac because she didn't like the names they gave the products. i guess dui dusty rose wasn't her cup of tea.
  • michael keaton wants to make another beetlejuice movie. because the first one was so good.
  • jennifer lopez almost named her new album call me jennifer because she hates the name j. lo so much. maybe she shouldn't have given herself the nickname then.
  • u2, coldplay, the darkness and franz ferdinand may be a part of live aid 2 for tsunami relief.

    the hiltons also spent the holiday perfecting their forte, drunkenly exposing crotch. classy, gals.