Wednesday, January 19, 2005

scarlett johansson is too famous to let her feet touch the ground just anywhere. it seems she's hired someone to carry her from place to place. the perfect picture for this website.

awesome news for fashionistas on a budget. zac posen plans to do a lower-priced sportswear line in the future. expect claire danes to be a big fan.

if lindsay lohan hopes to see her folks back together, she may have to perform a real life parent trap. her mother, dina, has finally filed for divorce from her crazy father.

too much information item of the day: eva longoria and teri hatcher LOVE vibrators!!!

imdb news:
  • in the first sensible move they've ever made, the osbournes will sell their beverly hills mansion; it's too big now that jack and kelly have moved out.
  • peter jackson and his wife are set to adapt a screenplay of the bestselling book, the lovely bones.
  • if you've still got a thing for gillian anderson from "the x-files", it's time to get over it (and get a life). she married her boyfriend last month on a tropical island.

    the movie may be 5 months away, but the star wars marketing has begun. the latest toy for the franchise? a special mr. potato head called darth tater. more sw news: samuel l. jackson's character, mace windu, will die in an elaborate light saber battle.

    paris hilton just can't get any privacy. first, her boyfriend sells their sex tape and now, a hacker has managed to read her sidekick emails. what next? cameras following her around as she and nicole richie encounter numerous humorous situations?

    kate hudson took baby ryder out for a day of shopping for his birthday. one-year-olds love to shop. later that evening she dazzled the crowds at the globes.

    tv guide news:
  • a "family guy" straight to dvd movie is being made to tell the story of stewie's search for his real father.
  • ty pennington is safe and sound after undergoing an appendectomy. i bet the "extreme makeover: home edition" team bawled over that one.
  • billy campbell, also known as the rocketeer and the ex-fiance of virginia madsen and jennifer connelly, will star in several episodes of "the oc" as a possible homewrecker.
  • it's time to shelf your love for raymond. the series finale of ray romano's sitcom will be a standard half-hour episode.

    gwen stefani's days of imitating alice in wonderland won't end with the start of her next project. she plans on dressing up as storybook characters for her future children to keep them entertained.

    britney spears's dog bitbit has been leaving her bitbits all over the house. along with "sister" pups, lacy and lucky, the chihuahua has been doing her business on the carpet and giving kevin poopy presents in his closet. could be that mom is too busy buying baby clothes to train them properly?

    and you thought "apprentice" overload had reached its peak with the cruise. clearly, you don't know trump. he and mark burnett are now thinking about turning the show into a broadway musical.

    giselle bundchen may be getting back at her beau, leonardo dicaprio, for keeping her waiting. the supermodel, who has publicly stated she would like to settle down and have kids, was spotted flirting and "canoodling" with a male model in rio. it wouldn't be leo's first rejection. he was denied a part on "baywatch" because david hasselhoff didn't think he was right for the show.

    more news from the set of the borat movie: director todd phillips actually left the film because angry audience members from the rodeo incident have been sending the filmmakers death threats.

    mary-kate and ashley olsen carry matching bags and coffee cups. they're only doing it to please us; everyone loves it when twins look alike.

    don't count on seeing natalie portman at the oscars. even if she's nominated, she may snub the event since choosing what to wear makes her nervous. apparently with good reason. that chloe dress she wore to the golden globes didn't do much for her.

    "are you talking to me?" robert deniro may soon be repeating those infamous words in a sequel to taxi driver. he and martin scorsese are in talks to revisit travis bickle.

    anna wintour's "one love" may have been for bob marley. according to a new book about the icy vogue editor, she enjoyed a very lusty week with the reggae god, barely leaving the bed they shared.

    "survivor's" richard hatch may be a sneaky as a snake, but he couldn't put one over on the irs. the show's first winner pleaded guilty of tax evasion surrounding his winnings.

    ellen degeneres can't get enough her her new girlfriend, portia derossi. since her talk show resumed filming on jan.5, portia has been in the audience every time. they even silently communicate to each other throughout the shoot.

    lucy liu takes her dog for a walk in runyon canyon. she's such an angel to deal with the construction.