Wednesday, January 05, 2005

ryan cabrera seems to be the only one who loves ashlee simpson anymore. first, the donnas totally dis her and then yesterday she was booed at the orange bowl. stereogum links to video of the debacle.

priceless photo of a drunken chris noth (you know, mr. big) on the subway in pink fuzzy slippers here.

more details on project engagement. seal proposed to heidi klum on top of a mountain on christmas eve in canada. canada, IT'S SO ROMANTIC.

orlando bloom and kate bosworth may have split up because kate gets lonely when they are apart. the source is probably not to be trusted, since it's british. besides, isn't he much more likely to be the dumper than the dumpee? (via lime-light)

sheryl crow, george clooney and christina aguilera will be part of a telethon to raise money for tsunami victims on nbc later this month. way to go. get money out of the regular folks instead of digging into your own deep pockets. gotta love 'em.

awesome! comedy troupe, stella, which features the state's michael ian black, david wain and michael showalter, has gotten a 10 episode deal at comedy central. the show will start (and most likely be cancelled) in the summer. cock jokes don't work when you can't say the word "cock" (via defamer).