Tuesday, January 04, 2005

rachel bilson knows a good keyboard when she sees one. if only she had the same taste in men. . . (just joshin' adam; britpoppa loves you!)

kirsten dunst boob slip update: color pics here (via defamer). in addition to flashing the world, the spiderman star put the moves on zach braff in st. bart's, dancing on a table for him. wait until mandy hears about this.

leonardo dicaprio and sandra bullock have made huge donations to tsunami victims, but never underestimate the generosity of jewish mysticism. the kabbalah center is sending 10,000 liters of blessed kabbalah water to indonesia. also giving, petra nemcova, the model who held onto a tree for 8 hours, is donating the proceeds from an exclusive picture she took for us weekly to other victims.

pacey fans who've been singing "i don't wanna wait" since "dawson's creek" was canceled, may have their wish. tv execs are trying to tempt joshua jackson with a spin-off series based on his lovable slacker character.

madonna got to act "like a virgin" one more time as she relived her wedding night over the holidays. she and hubby guy ritchie renewed their vows after four years together. ritchie gave his wife a ring that cost nearly $200k to celebrate the occasion.

seal and heidi klum are preparing to exchange vows themselves. heidi's been sporting a huge rock from her man and the newly engaged couple plan to "seal" their nuptials with a "kiss from a rose".

brad pitt and jennifer aniston are trying to put to rest rumors that their marriage is on the rocks. the two have been photographed on a romantic island holiday with buds, courteney cox and david arquette.

jessica simpson is a huge fan of the beatles, but she doesn't understand how sean lennon could have written all those songs. he's her age.

i guess these folks didn't read the latest letter of truth. the daily mirror reports that britney is considering going to college in forensic science after being inspired by csi and consulting natalie portman. do your homework, guys. she really wants to direct.

if there's one thing paris hilton knows how to do, it's use her assets. she recently tried to check in to an exclusive miami hotel without a reservation. when she learned it was booked, she traded a male guest his room for a dinner date.

kate beckinsale must let her family pets watch conan o'brien. she had to give away her daughter's rabbit to a housekeeper because it wouldn't stop masturbating in its cage.

it's hard work being justin timberlake's "senorita". in fact, cameron diaz was so jealous of a model who posed with her man in a steamy photo shoot that when she was sat behind the girl at a restaurant, she threw ice at her.

"desperate housewives" tidbits:
  • teri hatcher hasn't had sex in four years (via whatevs.org).
  • nicolette sheridan is engaged to a no-name actor.
  • marcia cross showed her dirty pillows in a 1996 movie called female perversions.

    models are crazy: claudia schiffer has hired former nepalese gurkhas to protect herself and her family from stalkers. next time go for former yakuzas.

    ben affleck and jennifer garner are cursing their assistants for not being around to get their coffee in the rain.