Monday, January 24, 2005

perhaps you've noticed that britpoppa hasn't been up to standards lately. our home computer is down. it makes it difficult for us to do things like post mp3s and such. plus, we have the winter doldrums and just don't feel like doing much talking. the one thing we have launched is our use of the royal "we". we hope you enjoy all the obnoxiousness that it implies.

of course, the only thing more obnoxious than a person pretentiously referring to herself as "we", might be the boots picture above. hot damn, they're ugly. who would be so ridiculous as to wear them out in public? i'm not giving any clues to this semi-weekly celebrity guessing game. the lime-light tag is more than enough for you ingenues out there. so leave your guesses in the comments section. i'll post a full picture of the offender on wednesday evening.