Friday, January 14, 2005

looks like all the partying at cbgb has gone straight to colin farrell's gut. when in rome, alexander, don't eat all the pasta. oh, and you look like a douche with that ponytail.

the recording academy must not have seen the disaster that was taxi. they've hired queen latifah as the host of the grammy awards.

hilary swank risked death to work with director clint eastwood. while training for her role in million dollar baby she suffered from potentially fatal blood poisoning from blood blisters on the bottom of her feet.

plum sykes is off the market (but unfortunately her horrible book, bergdorf blondes is not). anna wintour's sycophant is engaged to her boyfriend of one year, toby roland. good luck, toby. you'll need it to survive marriage with this nitwit.

brad pitt will generously ignore his own pain and focus on the suffering of others this weekend as he joins his pal, george clooney in nbc's tsunami telethon. robert deniro, andy garcia and hugh grant have also recently signed on.

new york's daily news:
  • britpoppa is lighting a proverbial candle for matt leblanc. his daughter is suffering from a rare brain disorder.
  • liam neeson is in talks to play honest abe lincoln in an upcoming spielberg film.
  • mel gibson was denied his right to tax a portion of his connecticut home as farmland.
  • jamie foxx likes big butts and he cannot lie.

    britney goes all cowgirl at the airport with her "fine hubby". and what's a cowgirl without a goofy grin?

    don't say there's no crime in the oc. the whitest county in the country suffered from a terrible loss on tuesday when the red vinyl dress that gwen stefani wore on the cover of no doubt's "tragic kingdom" was stolen from a rock museum. when asked to comment on the theft, stefani said, "i don't know what to say. i'm just a girl."

    ben affleck didn't have to spend a dime of his paycheck when he parked his mercedes illegally on a busy la street for an hour. how did he get out of his ticket? he gave the parking attendant a bear hug.

    hooray! we can now dress exactly like the number 7 tennis player in the world (and number 6 worst dressed) serena williams. just what we've always wanted. the athlete released her nike dress and boots in melbourne, australia.

    the learning annex is paying donald trump a staggering $1 million an hour for appearances he will do in three cities this year. where the fuck did the learning annex get that kind of money? paris hilton is requiring quite a large fee for her own appearances now, too. she's asking $300k for her attendance at an event.

    imdb news:
  • miranda otto, best known as eowyn in the lord of the rings trilogy, is pregnant with her first hobbit.
  • julia roberts proved that she does, in fact, love trouble as she caused a bunch of it for another woman who gave birth at cedars-sinai hospital at the same time as she did. the pretty woman stole her exclusive recovery suite. for shame.

    courtney love has turned into a combination of jocelyn wildenstein and a blonde cher. just what every little girl dreams of.