Wednesday, January 12, 2005

liv, royston and milo: because you can never get enough pictures of happy couples and babies (or at least britpoppa can't).

britney spears has astonishing mental powers. no, seriously. she impressed a street healer who specializes in phrenology by freezing his fingers for hours after their consultation. see pictures of the session here.

pamela anderson is kicking herself and not because of all her of fashion missteps. she was originally offered teri hatcher's part in "desperate housewives", but did not want to have to dye her hair brown for the part.

scarlett johansson doesn't mind gettin' nekkid. she hardly gets nervous when filming sex scenes and if a co-star or crew member sees her boobs, she lets them "enjoy it". if only she'd do the same for her audience.

wait, reality shows aren't real? the latest rumor to break the reality tv fantasy is that "the bachelorette's" fabulous frenchman fabrice is flaming. one of his former dates reveals that he probably isn't interested in jen's lady parts (via defamer).

paris hilton can add another notch to her bedpost. she's been seeing a greek playboy named, get this, paris.

avril: deryck, don't you like the pretty bow on my skirt? i got it at hot topic. deryck: yeah, babe. it goes nice with my creepers. now turn your head so i can pretend you're paris.

leonardo dicaprio had better buy a ring fast. his girlfriend, 24-year-old supermodel gisele bundchen, is eager to settle down and have kids. what's up with celebrities in their early 20s wanting to have babies? maybe all the camera flashes prematurely drain their egg supply.

sharon osbourne is working on casting a tv movie of her life, but has yet to find the perfect bat-eater to portray her hubby, ozzy. who's set to play sharon? why talentless daughter, kelly, of course.

brad pitt is feeling rubbish after his break up with jennifer aniston. he may have been trying to show the world he was the dumpee and not the dumper by going out in a t-shirt that read "trash".

imdb news:
  • lucy liu became an angel offscreen as well as on by donating $200k to aid tsunami victims.
  • "the simple life 3" was denied the right to film at a nj middle school because paris and nicole have dirty mouths. don't nj kids start cussing in the womb?
  • bill o'reilly has accepted george clooney's challenge to participate in nbc's tsunami telethon.
  • hugh jackman has just signed a deal with disney to make several musicals. because musicals are so successful nowadays.
  • courtney love has won back custody of her daughter, frances bean. is anyone else scared for that kid?
  • nicolette sheridan, lindsay lohan and the simpson sisters were on mr. blackwell's worst dressed list. it's like he's never seen kelly osbourne.
  • jennifer garner's alias co-star, will yun lee, is worried he's the one who caused her "injury". unless he accidentally ejaculated inside of her, i don't think he's to blame for this one.

    chloe sevigny is ready for a day at the beach with her louis vuitton bag and play clothes. i love a nice, ruffled jumpsuit, don't you?