Tuesday, January 25, 2005

katie holmes seems to be the latest in a long line of shrinking celebrities. maybe she thinks having a chanel bag that weighs more than she does is the key to getting some good movie roles again.

armageddon is upon us. the counting crows have been nominated for an oscar. britpoppa's favorite nods: cate blanchett, natalie portman, clive owen, kate winslet, lemony snicket for costumes, eternal sunshine for original screenplay, before sunset for adapted screenplay and our marty for the aviator. if anyone could get britpoppa in a may/december, it would be marty. delish.

no one gets between pamela anderson and her latest conquest. and we're not talking about her men, either. (she apparently got into a screaming match with current b-list beau, stephen dorff at sundance's marquee on friday. [is he really b-list because i read somewhere else that he was c-list?]) no, pamela's a true material girl. she took the diesel coat right off a pr aide's back. bitch.

paige davis may soon be trading careers. she has been let go from tlc's uber hit, "trading spaces", allegedly due to poor ratings. the real reason may have to do with her raunchy strip tease at a fundraiser last summer and the rumors of a (fake) internet sex tape.

it seems details of nicole kidman's personal life are to die for. the actress recently discovered that her home was bugged with a listening device. and don't spread rumors about her aussie pal, russell crowe's, talent with a screwdriver. he's fighting back at claims that he couldn't build an ikea crib. why would he buy an ikea crib? isn't he like a bazillionaire (same source)?

if page six is to be believed (haha), paris hilton is a real romantic. she wrote her backstreet beau, nick carter some love and apology notes last year that fell into the hands of the tabloid paper. the notes feature puppies, magazine cut-outs and such sweet nothings as "you are the shit" and "paris feels real pain".

even scarier than skinny miss holmes is puny miss armstrong. samaire showed off her finest moves with her new co-star, lindsay lohan, at a girls gone wild party in new orleans. classy.

"project runway's" morgan quinn, the flighty model with the walk from heaven, is proving to be the model from hell in real life as well as the show. last week, she missed a photo shoot because of a "car accident" and a subsequent "concussion". "i'm not Naomi Campbell, you know," said quinn. yeah, at least naomi has the looks to back up the attitude.

pete doherty's a smitten kitten for kate moss. he's openly declared his love for her (after, what? a week?) and they've even gotten matching tattoos of each other's initials inside hearts. what won over pete? not kate's fame or beauty, but her "beautiful soul".

julia stiles seems to have a real green thumb. she recently brought a rescued plant to a party for jailbird, david lachapelle, because she was afraid it wasn't getting enough light. yeah, those hip parties are always really well lit.

perv alert: keira knightley may be dropping her top in her upcoming movie, the jacket, with adrien brody. but as far as future nude scenes go, keira says, "you're not going to see my arse! the top half is fine but the bottom half isn't." also, for pervs stuck in the '80s, deborah "debbie" gibson will follow fellow teeny bopper, tiffany, and pose for next month's playboy.

clothier to the stars, fred segal was almost the site of a lesbian cat fight when portia derossi arrived while ellen degeneres's ex, alexandra hedison was waiting for a smoothie. hedison headed over to tackle derossi, but her friends thankfully got in the way.

did elisha cuthbert get some bizarre plastic surgery or is it just us? could be that buying your clothes from forever 21 and dating a guy with a trucker hat that says "if it flies, it dies" makes anyone look cheap.

before you go and spit on someone again, make sure she's not a friend of michelle rodriguez. bijou phillips made the mistake of projectile salivating on michelle's bud over an ex-boyfriend and wound up running from the girlfight star the rest of the night. "i could urinate on her," said rodriguez. unfortunately, bijou might be the type of gal who would like that, michelle.

lindsay, will your hate for hillary duff ever end? i mean, it was just aaron carter and he's an incredible douche. but anyway, the feud is clearly still going strong as lohan recently ripped down a picture of duff from the set of her new movie, just my luck.

stockard channing has been charged with drunk driving and will be arraigned february 9. at the time she was pulled over, the grease star was driving her car, "sloshed lightning".

everyone's favorite indie rock cameo man, jack white, will make his next appearance on beck's upcoming record. we hear that hansen allowed white to commiserate on the album in exchange for his commitment to scientology (via pink is the new blog).

it's a girl! britpoppa sends congrats to j.k. rowling, who gave birth to a healthy baby girl on sunday in edinburgh.

shame on you, ashanti. it looks like you and nelly are more than friends in this pic. is it us or is it getting hot in herre?