Thursday, January 06, 2005

in an all-happy couples pictures edition of britpoppa, chelsea clinton and her beau, ian klaus, enjoy a leisurely stroll in nyc.

will smith is a huge ben stiller fan. at least it seems that way. when he wanted to go to a sold-out showing of meet the fockers in aspen, he offered $200 to anyone who would give up their ticket.

ponder how puny sienna miller can hold up a rock so big.

pharrell williams of n.e.r.d. and the neptunes is suing reebok for breach of contract involving his clothing line bbc ice cream. it just goes to show you, if you want something done right, get nike to do it.

pamela anderson has gone to the dogs. she's done a line of dog collars and leashes that are available on her website. coming soon: a new fragrance for bitches (of the human variety).

it's like making a britney spears movie without red bull. andre 3000's jimi hendrix film has hit a major bump in the road. it doesn't have the rights to any of the rock legend's music. let's hope andre doesn't go into a state of "manic depression" over the complication.

madonna and guy ritchie want you to know that they DID NOT renew their vows. in fact, they might be breaking them as we speak.

i bet you wouldn't catch naomi watts hitting the bottle in public. maybe that's why shortly after splitting ways with the actress, heath ledger picked up his brokeback mountain co-star, michelle williams.

courtney love is hoping the proceeds from the sale of her downtown nyc loft, valued at $6 million, will help her to get her life back on track and regain custody of her daughter. yeah, that's just what a drug addict needs, lots of expendable income.

scary spice is really frightening her fellow spice girls. she has plans to write a tell-all book about the group. posh and ginger are expected to be on the receiving end of some harsh criticism from the act's token bp.

does anyone care about liam gallagher anymore? if you're one of the few, check out this adorable picture of his son.

thora birch missed her chance to meet her pen pal last month. she had been emailing back and calling her internet crush for the last two years before, at last, she was supposed to meet up with him at a party. unfortunately, their schedules conflicted. who's the mystery man? joaquin phoenix.

what's next for scarlett johansson? she'd like to direct "as soon as possible" and maybe star in a really scary horror movie. wes craven, hop to it.

matthew mcconaughey still can't believe he scored tom cruise's sloppy seconds. before bedding penelope cruz, he was stuck with tate donovan's left overs.