Tuesday, January 04, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey i am pleased to announce a new feature here at britpoppa, 2001: a gossip odyssey, in which we step back into time to see what was going on in the world of celebrity gossip four years ago. we tend to think that not much can happen in a mere four years. however, four years can be the length of a presidency, it can represent one's transition from high school to college graduate and it is 28 years to a dog. thus, i present 2001: a gossip odyssey.

on this day in 2001, people were talking about:
  • the possibility that helen hunt had an affair with kevin spacey on the set of pay it forward. back then we thought k.s. was straight.
  • the fact that gwyneth paltrow and huey lewis had a number two hit in australia with "cruisin'". number two sounds like an apt description of the song.
  • stephen dorff's boat, which severed a girl's leg while he was driving it in st. bart's. that's one blade that had to hurt.
  • katie holmes's rack. some things never change. rumors about her first nude scene in the gift were already building up.

    on this day in 2001:
  • julia ormond turned 36
  • dave foley turned 38
  • les brown died