Wednesday, January 12, 2005

how could i? britpoppa forgot to consult the new york gossip gods before posting today. please forgive me.

ashley olsen's friends like to play rough. they completely trashed a beverly hills hotel room that they were partying in over the holiday. predictably, ashley's rep says she "knows nothing about it."

madonna and guy ritchie have been using the powers of kabbalah to try to heal chernobyl. a dinner guest of theirs, who secretly taped the event, spilled the beans on their bizarre chanting and overpriced water.

kabbalah convert, britney spears may not have been completely convinced of the religion's authority. she seems to be creating her own hodgepodge spirituality, buying buddha statues and star of david necklaces, reading about zen and sporting crosses. the vishnu t-shirts can't be far behind.

don't expect donald trump's ex-wives to show up at his lavish wedding to melania knauss in ten days, though he did invite them. the couple will exchange vows at trump's mar-a-lago estate in palm beach and feast on free food from chef jean-georges.

for your own taste of the trump lifestyle, book yourself a spot on "the apprentice legend cruise". you can rub elbows with former contestants while visiting the caribbean. let's hope for the sake of the cruisers that the cast members are more raj than omarosa. but hey, if you're enough of a boob to pay for this cruise, you probably deserve omarosa (via gawker).