Friday, January 07, 2005

how can this be? i like christina aguilera's outfit? buy her anthropologie top here. and don't bother with the shoes - they're louis vuitton. you can't afford them anyway.

don't go spreading this rumor; i'm betting it's crap. justin timberlake and cameron diaz are supposedly engaged. as are liz hurley and arun nayar.

liv tyler's son milo isn't the only one she's been pampering lately. everyone who assisted in his delivery has received "thank yous" in the form of day-spa certificates.

why can't we be friends? britney spears has been singing this song to fellow "mickey mouse club" alum christina aguilera. she wrote her childhood friend a letter asking for reconciliation.

good news for monique, bad news for us: aaron carter survived the explosion of his suv. the accident occurred when a mattress from the delivery truck in front of him came loose and was wedged under his car.

elvis to be, jonathan rhys-meyers, is really trying to prove that he can pull of the rock star lifestyle. he was arrested for assaulting his teenage girlfriend and suspected of possession of marijuana.

jennifer lopez looks kind of cute as a nerdy blonde librarian. check out the video for "get right" for more of her over-the-top looks.

a bird in the hand ain't worth two of this bush. anna kournikova shows more than she planned while adjusting her bikini bottoms.

denise richards is planning on one-upping her playboy pictorial by recreating pregnant demi moore's famous vanity fair cover shoot. what's the point of a naked picture of denise richards if you can't see her Ts?

"surreal life" spoilers: "antm" adrianne curry gets drunk and beds "the brady bunch's" peter. mini-me takes a leak in the house.

imdb news:
  • jennifer garner's not sick (or pregnant), she's injured.
  • tom cruise and naomi watts dislike nicole kidman's bf, steve bing.
  • jane kaczmarek is going to auction celebrity clothes for tsunami relief.
  • james brown has been sued for a rape that allegedly took place in 1988.
  • jessica simpson is suing a jewelry company that used her image without permission.
  • melanie griffith and antonio banderas were rejected from the dakota building.

    in lindsay lohan's new video for the track "over" she displays l7 and dead kennedys posters on her bedroom wall. she's really trying to win over the punk rock crowd.

    brad pitt does his best impression of dick van dyke in mary poppins. come on, you remember that whole penguin dance sequence thing.