Monday, January 17, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey hmmm.... i wonder what rumors were working their way round the hills of hollywood four years ago. this calls for 2001: a gossip odyssey!

this is the gossip of january 17, 2001:
  • if you didn't get your invitation to madonna and guy ritchie's scotland wedding, you may still have gotten a chance to go their london party. nope, that didn't happen either.
  • toshiba was nervous because of donal logue's rant about their poor customer service on "the tonight show." couldn't have hurt them much; britpoppa bought a toshiba laptop in 2002.
  • michael clarke duncan took a fall on the set of the planet of the apes remake and sprained his ankle. too bad the injury didn't keep that gem of a movie from being released.
  • also injured while filming, brad pitt broke a few fingers in the making of snatch. he kept a brave face and didn't tell anyone about his pain (much like he seems to be doing as he nurses his emotional wounds now).

    four years ago today:
  • nikki reed turned thirteen.
  • jaime gleicher celebrated her sweet 16.
  • zooey deschanel drank legally for the first time.
  • kid rock blew out 30 candles on his birthday cake.
  • jim carrey turned 39.
  • robert kennedy jr. turned 47.
  • andy kaufman would have been 52.
  • muhammad ali turned 59.
  • maury povich turned 62.
  • james earl jones turned the big 7-0.