Monday, January 31, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey gossip was interesting back in 2001, too. let's revisit some of the highlights from four years ago.

as we reached the end of the first month of 2001, people were buzzing with the news that:
  • catherine zeta-jones would be left out of consideration for the role of maria callas in a biopic of the singer because she was too secure with her looks. must be that security that lead her to later smoke a cigarette topless and pregnant on her balcony in mexico.
  • ewan mcgregor was getting over an exhausting trip to central america he took for a bbc documentary. some things never change, mcgregor recently took an exhausting motorcycle trip around the world for another tv documentary.
  • steven spielberg had been knighted. the director was made an honorary knight of the british empire, but declined the title of sir, unlike anthony hopkins and ian mckellan.
  • famke janssen had dumped ben affleck for a "mystery man". good move on her part. we'd dump ben affleck for the trash man.
  • kevin smith was super pissed about being listed on premiere magazine's 12 stars that were losing their edge. the director went on to direct the indisputably edgy jersey girl.

    on january 31, 2001:
  • justin timberlake entered his second decade.
  • paul scheer was half way to the big 5-0.
  • portia derossi turned 28.
  • patricia velasquez turned 30.
  • minnie driver turned 31.
  • danny moder turned 32.
  • sade turned 35.
  • kelly lynch and anthony lapaglia turned 42.
  • philip glass turned 64.