Monday, January 17, 2005

golden globe winner, leonardo dicaprio gives the paparazzi the pleasure of actually photographing his face. trust us, this, like, never happens.

speaking of the golden globes, here is a list of the evening's other winners.

uma thurman may be able to kick ass and look fine doing it, but she sure can't sing. an eavesdropper to her rehearsals for the producers said she "sounded awful! i mean, really bad." of course, for a face like hers, britpoppa can just hit the mute button (via page sixsixsix).

another week, another boyfriend for paris hilton. this time, she's denying any involvement with sting's 18-year-old son, jake sumner. this means they're definitely doing it.

kirsten dunst was supposed to be in vincent gallo's notorious film, the brown bunny. unfortunately for us pervs out there, she never had any intention of doing the chloe sevigny part. she was scheduled to appear in a small role in the movie, but pulled out because it was not filmed according to sag standards. of course, this totally pissed off gallo.

angelina jolie has opened her big lips (and mouth) about the brad pitt/jennifer aniston split. she confirms the rumors that the separation was due to their differing opinions on the baby issue and denies that she was involved. george clooney took a different approach at a tokyo press conference for ocean's 12, insisting that no one question his buddy, brad. up next for the male half of the hollywood golden couple? a heineken ad during the super bowl.

jennifer garner shields herself from the harsh los angeles sun. or is she trying to hide from the harsh elektra reviews?

"hey, lizzie, your body is a wonderland." john mayer was spotted making out with pr rep to the stars, lizzie grubman. no word on whether it was a kiss and run.

britney spears isn't the only one trying to get her man into the business. keira knightley has just gotten her irish model boyfriend, jamie dornan signed to her agent in order to get him a role in an upcoming romantic comedy.

jude law's ex-wife sadie is doing everything that she can to deny that the news he is engaged to sienna miller prompted a "frost"-y reception. she's even offered to design bridesmaid dresses for the ceremony.

cameron diaz will look more like pocahontas than princess di when she marries justin timberlake (if this whole engagement thing is true). she wants to be wed in a native american style dress.

want to laugh your ass off? check out britney spears's new rocker chick (or chic?) video for "do something". also hilarious, her new dog has it's own room.

kirsten dunst looks into a little self healing at whole foods after her embarrassing swimsuit debacle.

dennis quaid and his new wife kimberly let a few lap dances go to their heads last wednesday. he left his license and credit card behind at nyc club, scores, while the lady nearly lost her purse.

you'd think a girl would consider suicide to get out of a relationship with simon cowell, not the other way around. the bastard judge of "american idol" may have a tough time breaking up with his model girlfriend, terri seymour. she has threatened to kill herself if he ever leaves her.

bizarre nicole kidman tidbits: she's afraid of butterflies, is taking minimum wage for her next film and once used a five-finger discount to get herself a barbie doll.

maria menounos fans may have noticed her recent absence from "et on mtv". the word is that she may be leaving the cbs staple, "entertainment tonight" for "access hollywood" due to a distaste for mary hart. the other network has offered her a six-figure deal.

imdb news:
  • brad pitt and jennifer aniston must have really been in love. they never signed a pre-nup.
  • colin farrell is being sued by a phone sex operator for mental anguish. this guy must like talking REALLY dirty.
  • mary-kate olsen is moving out of the spacious manhattan apartment she shares with her twin, ashley. hollywood hacks suspect she'll be moving back in a new york minute.

    finally. a celebrity with a physique britpoppa can realistically aspire to. thank you, alicia keys. thank you.