Thursday, January 27, 2005

from the looks of this picture, it seems like lohan freestyle made a severe oversight in leaving out x-tina.

regis may not have to fill in for dick clark next new year's eve. he's finally been released from the hospital after his december stroke.

martha stewart and george w. bush have something in common, a love of brooks and dunn. martha's been learning the steps to the "boot scoot boogie" dance while serving time in west virginia. she's also been "working on her next book, exercising, teaching yoga, reading mail, crocheting and watching tv." britpoppa could use some jail time, if that's how it is.

while drew barrymore, cameron diaz and christina aguilera may be trying to plan their weddings in secret, kelly rowland of destiny's child may be trying to call her wedding to cowboys star, roy williams, off in secret. guests have been notified that the planned date has been cancelled, but her rep claims it will be rescheduled.

everything is going swimmingly for kelly's destiny's child colleague, beyonce knowles's new clothing and jewelry line. the house of dereon will begin releasing products in the fall.

look out london, mimi's coming! mariah carey is looking to buy a home in the city when she stars in a musical there later this year. also house hunting is tiger woods. he just bought a spacious apartment in a chic neighborhood in his wife, elin nordegren's hometown of stockholm, sweden.

ben affleck and jennifer garner are grocery shopping. they must be getting married!

nicole kidman luckily escaped the fate of princess diana after being chased down by paparazzi last sunday. she successfully gained a restraining order against the photographers who engineered the chase as well as placed a listening device in her home. you go, girl.

pamela anderson is at it again. just days after taking a pr woman's coat at the diesel lounge at sundance, she tried to walk off with a one of a kind pair of swarovski prototype ski goggles from the fred segal salon.

ny daily news gossip:
  • it takes more than connections to get an internship with esteemed photographer annie leibovitz. even uncle jesse couldn't get one for mary-kate olsen.
  • tinkerbell will have to share paris hilton's affections with a new friend. she recently rescued a rottweiler from an animal shelter.
  • looks like the bachelor party is still going for kevin federline. he recently took in a lap dance in las vegas with his boys.
  • gwen stefani's harajuku girls are taking their image too far. while they all speak english, their contract forbids them to speak in anything but japanese.

    what good is the darkness without catsuits? the british rock group's lead singer, justin hawkins, has been banned from wearing his signature outfits and from doing any pelvic thrusts while playing in dubai.

    nicole, next time hold out for true religion or blue cult. ms. richie may be trying to extend her reputation as a fan of "the simple life". she's taken after rachel bilson and signed on to model low-end bongo jeans.

    want to tickle dustin hoffman's funny bone? make a fart joke. he tortured his meet the fockers co-stars with a juvenile fart machine that he got from a prop guy.

    cameron diaz sports her new cast while out with fiance(?), justin timberlake. the plaster arm band is a result of a mystery injury and has cammie struggling to feed herself. it seems more likely that momma timberlake, and not her cast, is delaying her big day.

    it's a good thing for ashanti she moved on to nelly. her ex-boyfriend and founder of her record label, irv gotti, was charged with money laundering in a crack and heroin operation. the dudes from office space sure could have used gotti's help.

    now we know how j. lo keeps that junk in the trunk. she recently requested "soft baked chocolate chip cookies, sour cream-and-onion potato chips, nacho cheese doritos, m&ms, snickers, hershey bars, white bread, american cheese and caffeine-free pepsi 'NOT DIET'" for her dressing room at the world music awards.

    glory hallelujah! britpoppa can finally stop crying. the rape charges pressed against anthony anderson, star of "hang time", back in july have been dismissed due to "suspicious testimony".

    alicia keys must be the most down to earth diva on the planet. she spent her 24th birthday in new york, cosmic bowling. "i'm the worst bowler on the planet," she said. care to make a wager on that, miss keys? britpoppa is a notoriously awful bowler.

    elizabeth hurley is trying to get down to her ideal weight of 105 pounds the old fashioned way. no, not eating well and exercising. she's starving herself. way to be a role model, liz.

    penelope cruz survived an attempted purse snatching last sunday in paris, resulting in her hiring her first bodyguard. two thieves broke the window of her mercedes with a rock, but were stopped when her chauffeur sped off.

    kylie ponders the idea of covering the bangles on her next album while out at the paris couture shows. you know, cause she's wearing those big bracelets.