Friday, January 07, 2005

for various reasons, including limited access, what i learned in the express today has been on hiatus. today marks its return, so relish in this unimportant news.

how is this dude going to pick up the new vanity fair if he's in line? a seattle star wars fan has already started waiting for tickets to the upcoming final film, despite the fact that it does not come out until may. he plans to count the minutes until the release of the revenge of the sith in a sleeping bag outside a local theater (even though that theater may not even play the movie). somebody sick triumph on this dude.

just because i don't like the man's politics doesn't mean i can't love the man's dog. the bushes welcomed a new member into the family yesterday, miss beazley. the ten week old scottish terrier pup joins her semi-uncle, barney, as an official white house dog. check out barney's unofficial blog here, his official webpage (featuring miss beazley footage) here and a fansite here.