Thursday, January 20, 2005

even jimmy page and robert plant couldn't ease brad pitt's pain. estranged wife, jennifer aniston's also looking blue on the set of her new film.

kathy griffin got into a mess of trouble for one of the comments she made at last sunday's golden globes. she jokingly stated that dakota fanning had gone into rehab, prompting e to issue a public apology. fanning, of course, is doing just fine and is about to start a new movie version of charlotte's web. she will play charlotte's minder, fern, while julia roberts will do the voice of the titular spider. the all-star cast also includes steve buscemi, andre 3000, oprah and many others.

wilmer valderrama's career won't be ending even though it seems "that '70s show" will be. in addition to a possible spin-off for his fez character, he has a comic book film deal in which he will play "el muerto".

here's proof that british journalists have way too much time on their hands.

paris hilton may face legal repercussions for the fit she threw at an la bodega last month. she ripped down a poster advertising her sex tape and then stole a copy of the dvd. charges of petty-theft and vandalism have been made against by the store's owner.

vivienne westwood is cooking up a frightening new ad campaign. she's asked marilyn manson and his girlfriend dita von teese to be her models.

the picture no one wanted to see: jack osbourne bending over. i didn't know paper denim and cloth made jeans in husky.

popbitch bytes:
  • stella mccartney isn't acting the part of the pristine pregnant woman. she recently requested to be sat in the smoking section of a london restaurant.
  • madonna has found a new way to fight wrinkles: the faye. it's a bright light used in filming, named for faye dunaway.
  • prince harry is facing more bad press after the nazi incident. he may have gone to argentina last month in an attempt to escape the father of a girl he allegedly deflowered and knocked up (the baby in question was aborted). also, he may not technically be a royal, but, in fact, the result of his mother's affair with james hewitt.

    samuel l. jackson and his (vassar alum!) daughter, zoe, caused a bit of a hullabaloo in milan recently. the two were there for the fashion shows, but ended up going clubbing, causing photographers to think she was his mistress. when his mother heard of the "affair", she called him up to scold him.

    fugginitup's favorite fug, courtney peldon, was stabbed on the set of a movie yesterday. a co-star was accidentally given a real knife for a scene they were shooting instead of a prop knife.

    peep the video for the postal service's "we will become silhouettes" via stereogum here.

    oj simpson's daughter, sydney, may be taking after her father. she slapped a cop at a high school basketball game last saturday when he tried to break up her fight with another girl.

    jennifer lopez and her frog prince, marc anthony, roam the streets of new york in between takes of her next video.

    it's been way too long since we've had some tara reid news. so here's two very unnewsworthy items about everyone's favorite drunk. she hates feet because her father used to make her take off his shoes. "it was awful," she says, "because they would smell so bad. we would, like, cry." and if you're planning on breaking into her home, don't expect to find her inside. tara says, "i have a (plan) . . . on where i'd hide. i have the whole pattern in my head like i'm crazy!" you're certainly crazy, tara.

    bono's wife, ali hewson, has taken on one of his many causes herself. she plans to launch a line of clothing made entirely from fabrics produced by fair trade workers.

    speaking of clothing lines, jennifer lopez filmed the process of preparing her new high end line to debut at spring fashion week next month. the show, "jennifer lopez: beyond the runway", will air february 24 on mtv.

    if you've got a thing for gandhi, you'll be happy to hear that ben kingsley is splitting up with his wife of 15 months. according to his publicist, "for some time now, [they] have been leading separate lives." considering they've only been together for 15 months, "some time now" probably means the whole marriage. the split may actually have to do with some recently published pictures of her kissing another man.

    nicole richie needs some jolt cola. she recently fell asleep in a club bathroom, much to the dismay of the many ladies waiting for their turn outside.

    heidi klum gets a little hide-y with leni at jfk airport. hopefully she'll let the trumps see her daughter's little face when she attends their wedding this weekend.