Tuesday, January 25, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey
enough with the hubbub, let's let the retrospective gossip begin.

on this day in 2001 people were whispering that:
  • julia roberts was going to wed benjamin bratt. only five months later, they actually split up, sans nuptials. it's all good, though. they're both married with children now.
  • johnny depp would take the part of chuck barris, originally intended for mike myers, in confessions of a dangerous mind. the film was to be directed by bryan singer. the role eventually went to sam rockwell and served as george clooney's directorial debut.
  • tom cruise's cousin, william mapother, would be the next thing. have you heard of him? neither has britpoppa.
  • russell crowe was gettin' jiggy with courtney love. the two spent the night together after the golden globes. these days, you couldn't get an a-list actor to touch courtney with a ten foot pole.
  • anthony edwards was going to leave "er". unfortunately for this top gun star, his post-emergency room career turned out to be more julianna marguiles than george clooney.

    four years ago today:
  • mia kirshner turned 26.
  • alicia keys turned 20.