Friday, January 21, 2005

chloe bag: $2,400. chloe silverado bag: $2,400. personal assistant: $75,000. old navy flip flops: $4.50. knowing you're famous enough to have your every move analyzed: priceless.

the news you've been waiting nearly 8 years for: portishead is recording a new album. britpoppa's still bitter about the fact that the portishead show review she wrote for her high school newspaper in 1997 was hacked to shreds.

more music news: beck's new record, guero drops march 29. the idiosyncratic scientologist will be on the cover of the next issue of the boy's magazine, harp.

more proof that jessica simpson is retarded: she's afraid of dolphins.

you haven't seen the last of "survivor's" boston rob and amber. the couple will compete in the 7th season of "the amazing race" and their wedding may air on cbs in the spring or summer.

dennis quaid and his wife just can't seem to get enough of the titty bars. just after losing his id at scores last week, they were spotted at the hustler club.

britpoppa still can't figure out how she kept from molesting mos def that time she saw him in soho. that is one fine brother.

sarah ferguson, ie, fergie, the erstwhile dutchess and weight watchers spokesperson, has received close to $2 million for the movie rights to a romance novel she's penned. maybe fabio will star.

jenna bush has caused another silly controversy. this time, her ut "hook 'em horns" hand sign has been misinterpreted by sign language translators to mean "bullshit". while that may, indeed, be an accurate interpretation of her father's presidency, that was not the intention of the her signal.

who's stupid enough to try to check into an airport with a gun? michael moore's bodyguard, apparently. the man who claims to work for the filmmaker was arrested on wednesday at jfk airport.

the crew of vanity fair actually had a legitimate reason to stare at reese witherspoon's ample cleavage for the film. during the shooting of one scene, she got a frog stuck between her breasts. the little guy jumped onto the actress's chest after escaping from her co-star.

there may not be any room for jello where bill cosby is headed. he's been accused of sexual assault by a canadian woman who claims that the comedian drugged and molested her.

this is madonna's security guard, juan valdez. please, make yourselves acquainted, but stay at arm's length from the popstar.

beyonce has something to celebrate, but it's not her engagement to jay-z. her dog, munchie, has been declared america's most eligible pet. the editorial director of animal fair magazine, who made the declaration, said, "we've already been overloaded with calls from people trying to set their dogs up with munchie!" looks like munchie's going to get laid!

i have trouble buying the fact that charlize theron is a size 6-8. find out more celeb's sizes at the auction for clothes off our backs. the proceeds from golden globes gowns that many of the biggest stars wore last sunday will be donated to unicef for the tsunami victims.

"my nnn-name's bbb-bruce willis." the die hard hero struggled with a stuttering problem when he was young before going to a speech therapist.

how do you get the two former co-hosts of mtv's "singled out" together? ask them to bartend at sundance. jenny mccarthy and carmen electra will be doing just that at an entertainment weekly party at the utah film festival.

in an attempt to escape the constant scrutiny of the american press, scarlett johansson is currently house hunting in london. she finds the notting hill neighborhood to be the most fitting to her personality.

that irish brunette next shopping next to you just might be nicole kidman. she says she puts on wigs and affects an irish accent when she is trying to get a little privacy.

even j. lo is stoked for the revenge of the sith. she's hoping her princess leia hairdo for the new fat joe video will give her a chance at a last minute cameo.