Tuesday, January 18, 2005

cameron diaz looked radiant as ever as she worked on her upcoming mtv show. unfortunately, she'll be giving up her travel tips, not her beauty secrets.

it's a wedding that only donald trump could plan, as the bride will wear a $100k dior gown picked by vogue editors. but melania knauss won't be on the typical bride diet; she needs to eat in order to carry herself in the heavy thing.

christina ricci's grandparents hate it when the actress neglects to wear lipstick in their presence. but they love her anorexia. if you want to imitate her look, keep hemorrhoid cream in the fridge, not food.

"the bachelorette's" jerry may be going for a hat trick. if he wins the heart of jen schefft, it will be his third reality tv honey, having dated lori trespicio from "the real world" (back to new york) and lisa donahue, "big brother 3's" winner.

kid rock was nearly stranded in moscow when he lost his passport after a night of hard partying with the native gals. he was there to watch buddy darren mccarty play in igor larionov's farewell game.

adrianne curry isn't the only one who got some action in the "surreal life" house. possibly inter-sex chyna seems to have found her match in male model, marcus schenkenberg. schenkenberg clearly has poor taste as he previously dated another sex tape star, pamela anderson.

oh my god, britney's stomach isn't completely flat. she must be pregnant! someone, call us weekly! and while you're at it, let them know she's been visiting maternity stores. she's also recording a kylie song, doing a voice for madonna's english roses movie and thinking about hosting a talk show.

bad news for "life as we know it" and life as we know it: kelly osbourne will be playing the lead part in hairspray on broadway. it makes sense, though. that show's supposed to be tacky. meanwhile mummy osbourne has donated $190k worth of jewelry to the tsunami victims. just what starving children need, diamond earrings.

sarah jessica parker may soon be eating for two. she's been spotted buying a pregnancy test by intouch magazine. doesn't she have an assistant to do that for her?

let's hope they emptied the spit valve. katie couric was showing her sexy side during a wild make-out session with her trumpet player boyfriend, chris botti, in an nyc restaurant on staurday night. what will matt lauer think?

apparently jennifer aniston was ready to have brad's baby. she had prepared a birthday gift of a pregnancy test and a "poignant" note for him, but he rejected her with the line that he "no longer recognized her". the final blow came with his departure from their caribbean holiday in order to go to a football game.

samuel l. jackson proved again that he is one smooth motha. the crazy youngsters on the set of his latest film, coach carter (which was number one at the box office last weekend) tried to prank him by replacing one of his props with a blow-up doll. the badass actor simply played along as if nothing was wrong.

charlize theron tries to have a low profile as she leaves a los angeles restaurant. lucky for us, it didn't fool the paparazzi.

late-breaking golden globes news:
  • mischa barton and brandon davis got into one of their infamous public arguments. in true "oc" fashion, she slapped him.
  • toby maguire missed the event because he has put on too much weight. so much for those modeling plans.
  • jamie (ie, james) king was the latest blonde to go after zach braff.
  • quentin tarantino found a blonde of his own, too, possibly cheating on girlfriend, sofia coppola.
  • nicky hilton lost the battle of the bitch to all-time champion, shannen doherty.
  • a new couple has emerged as "lost" co-stars dominic monaghan and evageline lilly were spotted giving each other more than just friendly kisses at the nbc party. hey, isn't "lost" on abc?

    sasha baron cohen's borat has reached another bump in the road. after nearly inciting a riot for his tv show earlier this month, he has now caused a frenzy on the set of the character's movie, having offended director, todd phillips so much that he flew the coup.

    i never thought of julianne moore as being trashy, but apparently she is. she earned herself a summons because the garbage outside her west village townhouse has piled up to outrageous levels during the home's renovation.

    kate moss is having another roll in the hay. her latest conquest is ex-libertines frontman pete doherty. what is is about the bad boys, kate?

    it may be a south pacific wedding for jude law and sienna miller. the future groom has been having discussions with a property owner on the island about a possible venue for the event.

    jay-z and beyonce smile at the photographer who invaded their limo instead of attacking him. see mom, all rapper aren't thugs.