Friday, January 28, 2005

britpoppa presents you with a lovely picture of jude law and his bitches (sienna miller definitely included).

well this really does nothing to disprove the stereotype that lesbians move too fast in relationships. portia derossi has purchased her new lover, ellen degeneres, a platinum tiffany wedding band.

jamie pressly, star of such b-movies as the karate dog and poison ivy: the new seduction, has plans to release a rock cd. we can't hardly wait!

the gray powder brad pitt's been keeping in his glove compartment is not the ashes of his dead relationship with jennifer aniston. it's actually "dried bat" given to him by his (more than?) friend, angelina jolie.

popbitch is claiming that jessica simpson may have her eyes on another man. apparently adam levine of maroon 5 has received a voicemail from a woman whispering that she's in love with him. the rumor is, it was none other than the newlywed herself. jess, before you do anything drastic, peep this picture of the man with his shirt off. eww! jess may be kinky enough to have an affair; she's been reading jenna jameson's book and admits she likes to watch pornos now and again.

scarlett johansson proves that no matter how young, beautiful and glamorous you are, if you're shoveling in the grub, you're going to look like a pig.

beyonce spares no expense on her hair. her newest wig is worth $50k, is 3 ft. long, made from all "european hair" (thank god, we hate antarctic hair) and took the (certainly well-paid [haha]) chinese craftsmen 10 days to create. one celeb who's definitely impressed with the diva is nicole richie. she's named her chihuahua beyonce.

according to holy moly, chris martin has prohibited his wife, gwyneth paltrow from hanging out with kate moss. she's too much of a bad influence. also, on the guess ad campaign, paris hilton insisted on having her make-up put on while she lay down. it's really no surprise since, she's used to being on her back.

here's proof that bostonians will do almost anything to stay warm. as of 10:54 am, est, it's 13 degrees there.

captain jack sparrow will be making at least two more appearances on the silver screen. keira knightley recently revealed that she's just finished filming two sequels to pirates of the caribbean back to back.

even halle berry looks her age (38) when she doesn't have her make up on. she's shown here with her (silver spring native) boyfriend, michael ealy.

the man in the now-famous picture of first daughter jenna bush being dipped and nuzzled is her father's 26-year-old campaign aide, henry hager. they've been dating since august. just like me and the boy.

it seems kate moss and pete doherty have replaced renee zellweger as the new on-again off-again couple du jour. though, the sun reported just two days ago that the model had dumped her druggie, they're now saying that pete has plans to marry kate. and their rival, the mirror, reports that kate can't help herself from loving pete, even though she knows he's bad news.

poor rick salomon. he can't manage to get any freebies at sundance and has to settle for shannen dohery's left-overs. britpoppa wouldn't lay a finger on shannen's left-overs. there's no telling where they've been.

the olsens have made another step towards independence. they've parted ways with their freaky-haired business partner, robert thorne.

jake gyllenhaal has shed his locks for an upcoming role as a marine. we'd let him patrol our grounds any time.