Tuesday, January 11, 2005

britney spears looked classy as ever at taverna tony's in malibu. don't let the paparazzi photograph you from that angle, babe. they can totally see up your shirt.

no fair. i want mc hammer to officiate my wedding. the former chart topper acted as pseudo minister for his "surreal life" co-star, vince neil's, nuptials on sunday. also married this weekend: nas and kelis.

madonna's hoping to send the tsunami victims a little "ray of light" by hosting the us telethon in which george clooney and christina aguilera are also participating.

clooney's telethon participation has caused a little controversy with outspoken bill o'reilly. when o'reilly challenged the event's intentions, clooney challenged him to participate as well. ricky martin is doing his part by visiting orphans in thailand. wait, ricky martin is still alive?

kristin davis is attempting to add to her tv resume, which includes "friends" and "melrose place" as well as "sex and the city", by begging for a part on tv's latest sensation. she's desperate to become a desperate housewife.

her love might not cost a thing but her shelter sure costs a buttload. jennifer lopez and marc anthony have bought their first home together, a $9.9 million south beach apartment with its own pool.

i guess orlando's not a breast man or an ass man as his girlfriend, kate bosworth, appears to have neither of these.

matthew mcconaughey wants penelope cruz to play his bongos. he's teaching her to bang the drums as a form of stress release. the texan is famous for being arrested while releasing his own stress in the nude a few years back.

wesley snipes may have taken his vampire slayer character in the newest blade film a little too seriously. he allegedly threatened to stab his director, david goyer. no word on whether he planned to use a wooden stake.

julia roberts was so fond of her pregnant days that she wants to make a film about the experience. not hers personally, though. she's seeking the rights to a book called the family way.

last month, "arrested development's" jeffrey tambor welcomed a couple of bundles of joy of his own. his daughter gave birth to a son just four days after his wife did.

don't expect jude law and sienna miller's wedding to be as media-friendly as britney spears's was. the couple may remain engaged for years, just to allude the press.

macaulay culkin may testify that he was never molested when he was home alone with michael jackson. the man who reportedly broke up britney and justin, wade robson, is likely to do the same.

mischa, stop feeding your man. unless that ice cream is laced with trim spa, he does not need any more to eat.

maybe britney should get pregnant before she starts seeking out godparents. when her mentor madonna agreed to be her future child's godmother, the material girl received a cartier watch as a "thank you".

looking for something new to read? you may soon be able to buy a renee zellweger novel. the actress is planning to write both fiction and non-fiction while on her self-determined retirement.

looking for something to listen to? garbage will release their fourth album on april 11, entitled bleed like me.

morton's back on the market. oscar nominee, samantha morton, has left her boyfriend, the drummer of south, for unknown reasons.

sting has been stung by the pain of celebrity. he had to cut short his italian skiing vacation after only two days because fans were pestering him for mobile phone pics.

gwen's looking beat down gwen stefani's not looking like her typically gorgeous self. are those some blemishes she's hiding under that horrendous pancake makeup? click the pic for a closer look.