Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"are you looking at my nonexistent breasts?" wonders kate bosworth as she spots a paparazzi documenting her walking the dog.

so i guess jennifer garner isn't completely oblivious. she told michael vartan that elektra was awful. unfortunately, her daredevil contract obligated her to do it.

kate moss is a real class act. she already broke off things with pete doherty, who yesterday declared his love for her. she did the dumping via text message. could it have been pal, sadie frost's influence?

another crushing blow to the gals still crushing on julian casablancas of the strokes: his fiancee, juliet joslin, has been wedding gown shopping. in fact, she's the friend who was eyeing gowns with drew barrymore.

wanna see some pictures of halle berry mud wrestling? . . . oh, i forgot to mention she was doing said wrestling with a pig.

the britney downfall continues. ms. spears-federline has developed another personality. when she acts bitchy, she calls herself "mona lisa". if that's the case, we're thinking she must rarely go by britney anymore.

kelly osbourne points and laughs at a mullet, unaware of the ironic fact that she is sporting the worst bowl cut britpoppa has ever seen.

big surprise. snoop dogg has weed on his rider. he included premium grade on the list of required backstage goodies for his concert at sundance monday (where tobey maguire showed off his white boy moves).

emma "baby spice" bunton sex secrets: she lost her virginity when she was 16, she's never had a threesome and melanie "sporty spice" chisholm once gave her a vibrator as a gift.

what could make your cell phone even tackier than that jenna jameson wallpaper you put on it in a drunken stupor? that jenna jameson moan tone you put on it while completely sober.

don't be surprised if you find a few new coldplay tracks online. some of their upcoming album has been leaked, which has the band in a panic.

elijah wood experiments with the elvis look at sundance. oh let him be your teddy bear.