Monday, January 10, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey 2001: a gossip odyssey travels back in time to the dawn of the new millennium to bring you the rumors of four years ago.

the gossip hounds were all over these stories in 2001:
  • matt leblanc was ready to settle down. though, back then, the "friends" star claimed he was ready to be a husband, it took him 2 1/2 years to actually marry his girlfriend, melissa mcknight.
  • sarah jessica parker broke her new year's resolution only 10 days into the year. she had pledged to stop chewing on the inside of her mouth.
  • jennifer aniston was banned from husband, brad pitt's spy game set. her presence was causing too many delays during filming. if she still had that effect on the matinee idol, perhaps they would not have separated.
  • julianne moore was cracking up the crew of hannibal with her fear of cows. too bad she wasn't scared away from the stinker of a movie.

    on january 10, 2001:
  • rod stewart turned 56.
  • lyle menendez turned 33.
  • trini alvarado turned 34.
  • evan handler turned 40.
  • pat benatar turned 48.
  • linda lovelace and george foreman turned 52.