Monday, December 06, 2004

you've been asking for them and here they are: pictures of mary-kate olsen's possible boyfriend, ali fatourechi. today's gossip will be entirely illustrated with pictures of the couple, who are separated by a ten-year age gap. risky territory for such a "wholesome" girl.

posh and beck's butler has quit and their terrified he may go public about life in beckingham palace. haven't these people heard of a confidentiality agreement?

if you're one of the few who had wished gretchen mol really had made it big when vanity fair incorrectly predicted it, you'll be happy to hear she's getting buck naked in the bettie page movie.

roadies have way too much time on their hands. one of the members of coldplay's road crew calculated that apple martin must have been conceived in the back of the tour bus. at least it wasn't the back of a volkswagen.

at the gq men of the year awards, usher used his recently acquired industry cred to make sure no one else walked the red carpet when he did. dustin hoffman had to enter through the back. doesn't anyone remember this?

marykate-thanksgiving3 click on this one for a close-up. it's hard to take a decent picture through a windshield.

lindsay lohan flipped out at the wrap party for herbie: fully loaded, not because she finally realized the movie was totally stupid, but because the gag reel made her look totally stupid. check out the super hottie looking not stupid, but somewhat frighteningly plastic-faced here and wish that you were at marquee when her boob popped out the other night. her new love interest, a blonde model named clarence was.

j. lo is hoping to gain a new moniker: mommy. she recently requested that a london hotel provide her with numerous baby-making accoutrements, including egyptian cotton sheets and various health foods. always flexible, she was very disappointed when the walls of her room were not as white as she had hoped.

does having sensitive skin mean you can't be a thug? if it does, cross eminem's name off the bad boys list. he spent $100,000 on cosmetics recently to keep him looking young.

when you're dating jailbait, it's always good to stay just a few feet behind.