Tuesday, December 28, 2004

vida appears to have gotten through her disappearance unscathed even though her mama, gisele bundchen may be facing a lawsuit. but, come to think of it, she looks fine, too.

supermodel petra nemcova held on for dear life for eight hours as she was caught up in the tsunamis. she is in the hospital after clinging to a tree to save herself and her photographer boyfriend is missing.

minnie driver turned down a chance at becoming mariah carey. mariah's ex-husband, tommy mottola, offered the circle of friends star a chance at r&b superstardom, but she turned it down because, much to the disappointment of wreckx-n-effect, she's not much of a rumpshaker.

wanna see madonna's new versace pics? check them out. also see uma in louis vuitton.

snoop dogg dropped a little gossip like it was hot. he admitted that his marriage came to an end because he cheated on his wife. he is now trying to reconcile with her.

john mayer had some trouble running through the halls of his high school last week. he was left out of the school's hall of fame induction because of security issues.

frances bean cobain is turning out to be quite a looker. clearly, she's taking over her father, not her mother.

naomi campbell might not be doing it for poppy anymore, but there seems to be no shortage of women who will. usher is dating three ladies right now, joy bryant, eishia brightwell and karrine steffans.

if you've been going through noxzema girl withdrawal, head to broadway this spring. there, dylan's one time bride on "90210", rebecca gayheart, will be playing the julia roberts role in the stage production of steel magnolias alongside delta burke.

jenny mccarthy refused her husband sex for eight months before coming back horny with a vengeance. i don't know how he put up with it. i mean, if you marry jenny mccarthy, isn't it pretty much for the sex?

tea leoni was flirting with disaster on the set of her latest film, spanglish. she had so many disagreements with director james l. brooks that she was unofficially fired twice.

newly raven-haired elijah wood practices the stance he perfected while making the porno flick, lord of the rims.