Wednesday, December 29, 2004

stephen dorff takes a step up from throwing things in a britney spears video to making out with a tool time girl. some paparazzi caught him getting a smooch from his new gal pal, pamela anderson.

jet li proved himself a real hero when he rescued himself and his daughter from a tsunami that entered his hotel in the maldives. despite being dinged by a piece of furniture and sustaining a minor foot injury, the kung-fu fighter was relatively unharmed.

girl's got a thing for white boys. lucy liu has left her playwright boyfriend for mary mccormack's brother, will.

lil' jon gets totally low when it comes to usher. the rapper has come to refer to his collaborator as "baby usher", which he says in a high-pitched voice. that's cold.

justin timberlake smoked an l in the back of the benzy with nelly. the rapper has revealed to british fhm that he and the musical manchild have passed a few doobies back and forth.

will smith and his lady were no shows at a christmas party that mariah carey threw in aspen. their absence wouldn't have been such a big deal if they hadn't reserved a good portion of the bar for themselves and their entourage.

scarlett johansson clearly can't hang with the r&b crowd. she thinks that people who thank god in acceptance speeches are "goofy".

kevin, don't you think it's a little too far after labor day to be wearing all that white?

gruesome blind item: "Which rail-thin actress in a current blockbuster controlled her cravings on set by going through cases of zero-cal 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' spray, which she squirted straight into her mouth?" i'm going to say teri polo from meet the fockers.

the "desperate housewives" had a fit when they saw an attractive young woman in revealing clothes on their set. if anyone's going to dress like a slut, it's one of them. i'm guessing they might have a similar problem when their celebrity fan, cameron diaz, makes a cameo.

sharon osbourne will star in a production of feminist favorite, the vagina monologues, which the mirror calls "a foul-mouthed play about women's private parts". winona ryder, susan sarandon, brittany murphy are just a few of the many other thespians who have participated in past showings of the play.

wilmer valderrama claims that his romance with lindsay lohan has hurt his career, even though the fling is the only reason why britpoppa and countless others now know how to correctly spell the "'70's show" star's last name.

kate beckinsale sure has a big mouth. she leaked the scoop that ben affleck had to have his teeth "fixed" while filming pearl harbor. so that gorgeous colgate smile isn't real?

heather graham's career has gone even further south. she's been demoted from tv actress to video game voice-over provider. she takes on the role of antonia bayle in the playstation game, everquest ii.

gwen stefani attempts to transform the hairnet from high school cafeteria accessory to high fashion accessory.