Monday, December 20, 2004

since it's christmas, i'm going to take it pretty easy on you with britpoppa's semi-weekly celebrity guessing game. this lady recently celebrated a birthday with her long time boyfriend and britpoppa believes the "nipple" seen in this picture from their night out is really just part of a flesh-colored falsie. do you know who's been stuffing her pink bra? leave your guesses in the comments section and come back wednesday night for the answer.

you know tara reid's 15 minutes are up when you can't even get out of the slammer by namedropping the breast-popping actress. natasha lyonne tried doing just that when she spent friday night in jail. rumor has it her american pie co-star's name wasn't the only one she was calling. the strung-out starlet was also crying, "big harry". here's her mugshot from when she was arrested on dui in miami in 2001.