Wednesday, December 15, 2004

rose mcgowan is likely to play ann-margaret in a new cbs mini-series about elvis. the network will launch a nationwide search for an actor to play the title role (via defamer). i'm betting they won't be able to do better than michael st. gerard, who not only played the king in the 1990 mini-series about him, but also in two other movies and an episode of "quantum leap". many also fondly remember mike as the hottie drama teacher, chris suiter, on "beverly hills, 90210" and as link larkin in hairspray. st. gerard's been mia since 1994. i think it's time for a comeback, michael. and so does a certain msn group. we miss you, man.

is paris hilton suffering from "the curse of christina"? according to page sixsixsix, her extreme hairstyles could be causing a little bit of premature balding, something that has resulted in chaos on "the simple life" set. no wonder she's been wearing that wig.

don't be surprised if lindsay lohan pulls a x-tina and goes stripped after the release of herbie: fully loaded. her handler proposed a photoshoot for playboy, but then reneged, citing lindsay's no nudity clause. that contract is up after her stint with the lovebug. score (via oh no they didn't)!

and don't forget to get your guesses in for the semi-weekly celebrity guessing game. i'll reveal the ladies behind these looks tonight.