Friday, December 17, 2004

mary-kate could use a patch rockabilly enthusiast mary-kate olsen sports a ripped up stray cats t-shirt while at a salon. on her way out, she was seen wearing a pair of sweet creepers and blasting some carl perkins.

there is a warrant out for the arrest of motley crue's vince neil, but not for "smokin' in the boys room". he knocked a sound man unconscious in a dallas night club. jail may prove to be a "bitter pill" for this heavy metal icon.

hilary duff thinks that her career has matured her in such a way that she does not relate to teenagers. said duff, "i've definitely grown up a little bit faster. i don't know if i really feel the same emotions as a regular 17-year-old." proving her astounding maturity, the "lizzie mcguire" star made lindsay lohan's little brother cry when she would not allow her boyfriend, good charlotte's joel madden, to sign any autographs for him.

paul mccartney has started wearing acrylic nails while performing to preserve his own nails. just another example of the wonderful influence of heather mills.

victoria beckham has filmed a commercial for china, urging "chinese to show more love and care for children stricken with leukemia." the commercial was needed as the chinese routinely beat cancer patients with sticks.

imdb news:
  • liv tyler named her son milo.
  • brad pitt, matt damon, mick jagger and jim carrey had to be rushed from a london hotel after a fire broke out. jim dealt just fine and was seen crowd surfing at the premiere of the lemony snicket movie shortly thereafter.
  • whitney houston crashed her porsche into a bus in georgia. no way she was coked up at the time.
  • lisa marie presley has made her daddy roll over in his graceland grave yet again. she sold a huge amount of elvis's estate in a $100 million deal.
  • lisa's ex husband, michael jackson, won't let his pedophilia charges stop him from celebrating christmas with the kiddies. he's throwing a huge party for them at his neverland ranch.
  • donald trump doubts his january 22 wedding will be broadcast on tv, but you never know; trump nuptials has a nice ring to it.
  • claudia schiffer underwent a mystery brain scan at a london hospital.
  • brad pitt rushed home from planned promotional appearances for ocean's 12 after a close friend of jennifer aniston's passed away, proving he's just as interested in his wife's snatch as ever, despite recent speculations that their marriage is in trouble.

    lindsay snaps the boys with the zooms lindsay lohan hopes that the photographs she takes will steal the souls of the paparazzi that relentlessly follow her. guys, she's sick of rumors starting. but here's just one more, she's "definitely dating" colin farrell (via oh no they didn't).

    the gwyneth paltrow/yoko ono morph continues as she decides to go along with husband, chris martin on coldplay's next tour. look out for gwyneth and the coldplays's first cd in 2008.

    mary louise parker has been denying billy crudup the right to see their child because she is afraid he will bring along claire danes. i wouldn't let claire danes near my child either. i hear she's a big baby eater.

    renowned british bedhopper robbie williams is so desperate to have a new girlfriend for christmas he's even made jokes about doing television adverts to find one. hey robbie, there are plenty of girls that can be bought. kitty might lend you britpoppa for a few days.

    shed a tear for the love shack. the cabin that inspired the number 3 hit for the b-52's has burned down. officials have not ruled out a "hot pants explosion" as the cause of the conflagration.

    cameron diaz may use the footage that she has been filming of the photographers that hound her to make a movie about the paparazzi. you know, because the one that came out earlier this year was such a hit.

    shar jackson is looking to develop a pop career just like her baby daddy's wife, britney. she hopes 2005 will be an m-azing year for her group mpulz. more likely it will just be m-barassing. in other poorly thought out music industry decisions, jennifer lopez will record a duet with her husband, marc anthony, for her new album.

    could there be a paige davis sex tape on the loose? "trading spaces" fans will be shocked - and titillated (via golden fiddle).

    damnit. keira knightley will use a body double for her nude scenes in domino. girl, can't you throw a brother a bone?

    katie smells something stinky katie holmes makes a face while out shopping in santa monica. she was probably thinking about the trainwreck that was first daughter.