Thursday, December 02, 2004

renee zellweger sure has the goth look down. you'd think she was marrying marilyn manson and not jack white.

people are crazy, for paris hilton. a stapler that she autographed is currently going for $1,000 at auction. in related news, the brown hair was a wig.

jude law must have liked dating a stripper in closer, because he may be trying to do so in real life. he was very taken with a blonde new orleans stripper named brittany and cut in line to have three lapdances with her. anyone is better than sienna.

law's closer co-star, newly maternal julia roberts is sure to be singing her twins lullabies. her choices? joni mitchell and dave matthews.

usher will be playing a mafia bodyguard who falls for his boss's daughter in dying for dolly. he will follow up with the film, do it for poppy.

j. lo finally holds hands with husband marc anthony. for their one year anniversary, they might kiss (with tongues)!

fyi: leo has not broken up with gisele.

jerry orbach of "law and order" has prostate cancer, but should recover. trivia: he played the candlestick lumiere in beauty and the beast.

good for drew: she managed to find some peace with her crazy family. now leave her alone, okay?

samuel l. jackson says nelly brought ashanti lunch every day on the set of coach carter. the way to make this girl "happy" is through her stomach.

for her 23rd birthday, britney spears decided to go all out with the purple eyeliner. k. feds decided to take some fashion tips from her ex, justin timberlake, instead of the homeless.

jay-z will have more than "99 problems" if this story is true. he may have impregnated the host of "106 & park".

liz hurley has been going for an angelina jolie pout. but is she doing it naturally?

madonna has a stalker who has been following her since her reinvention tour. word is, he sends her sexual letters and she is afraid he may kill her. not all is bad for madge, though. she just earned $10.5 million for her versace campaign. during the photoshoot, she stopped for a half-hour kabbalah meditation.

coldplay is doing a free show in nepal for charity. you know, because those nepalese love a good british ballad.

stacie j. of "the apprentice" is one of those girls who wears clothes and then returns them. now you have someone to blame the next time you try on a shirt with deodorant stains.

jessica simpson might be going overboard with her olsen twins imitation. she's looking to expand the list of products under her name to include a treadmill and an exercise tape. here's a strange fact: she's been listening to bjork to inspire her for her next album. i can't wait until the jessica simpson swan dress hits jc penney next year!

jules asner and kimora lee simmons are fighting on the set of their show. even their famous husbands can't save their ratings.

all this and an album to promote! gwen stefani is still struggling with the fact that hubby gavin rossdale had a secret 15-year-old daughter and now he may have to pay all the back child support.

barry manilow just signed a $60 million contract to perform at the las vegas hilton for a year. it's no copacabana, but it's pretty good for a guy who sings songs to a dog.

i saw closer last night (could you tell?) and it was really quite good. i found the dialogue very real, which is probably because it was adapted from a play and not just written by some hack screenwriter. but the best part was natalie portman, in addition to being breathtaking, she stole every scene she was in and aced the part in a way we haven't seen since her first role in leon. this might be because the roles were so similar. in both she plays a knowing but needy, childlike, but very adult person. let's hope she keeps taking on these sorts on movies and stays away from the anywhere but heres. bad news: no ts, but some a.