Tuesday, December 14, 2004

on an all strange bedfellows edition of britpoppa, i bring you more info on the marissa lesbian plotline on the oc. turns out her lady friend is none other than miss alex. guess this bait shop gal's fling with seth cohen isn't going to last then, huh?

lindsay lohan finally got her wish. she's scored with colin farrell. the two were spotted making out at an snl after party last weekend. dirty.

in a disgraceful show of excess, the beckhams have hired a $2,000 a day butler to help them unwrap gifts. they have kids; don't they know unwrapping is part of the fun?

"sopranos" fans get ready. sure the final season is still months (and months and months) away, but here's one reason to get excited. carmela's italian stallion furio is set to return.

bill murray might have been dr. murray, md, if he hadn't been caught trying to get 9 lbs of pot out of chicago o'hare in 1970.

it's a match made in skank heaven. pam anderson and paris hilton went shopping with photog buddy david lachapelle in malibu sunday.

a london gal learned the hard way that kelly osbourne's long tresses were not a wig (they're extensions). when she yanked on the pudgy punkster's hair, she got a major punch.

you'd think brittany murphy could afford her own furniture with hits like just married and uptown girls under her belt. unfortunately, little black book may have done a little too much damage to her bank account as she's decided to keep britney spears's furniture in the house that she bought from the pop star.

nicole kidman news:
  • rumor mongers speculate as to why she's been wearing bandages on her knees.
  • the oz lass has asked steve bing to spend christmas with her and her kids in hopes that he might ask for her hand.
  • maybe she's rushing to the aisle because she wants to have a baby. we know steve's fertile.

    nic ain't the only one desperate to hear the pitter patter of little feet. jennifer lopez has rid her home of all briefs and required marc anthony to only wear boxers in an attempt to get pregnant.

    regis philbin will take over the new year's rockin eve hosting duties from dick clark after his stroke. doesn't sound very rockin to me.

    gwyneth paltrow took her model friend, and fellow mom, christy turlington for a stroll complete with strollers yesterday in london. nice hats, ladies.