Thursday, December 16, 2004

brandon morphs into jason no fair. mischa eats the ice cream and brandon's the one who gets the gut. nice pink shirt, preppy.

according to numerous, most likely inaccurate sources, kirsten dunst is planning to marry jake gyllenhaal after recently reuniting with him. in order to win jake's hand, dunst first had to win over his protective mother. i bet she learned that mothers can be more formidable foes than dr. octagon and the green goblin combined.

a cameraman from charlie's angels who was disappointed with bill murray's behavior on set crashed a vip q&a with the actor for the life aquatic in order to verbally abuse him. director wes anderson and co-star anjelica huston came to his rescue.

also acting as knight in shining armor, at the post party for the nyc aviator premiere, "the entourage's" kevin connolly came to his girlfriend, nicky hilton's defense after he overheard someone making rude comments about her. how did he defend the real estate heiress? by making some rude comments himself. nicely played.

britney spears won't be eating at the bellagio again any time soon. she pissed off the chef there when she fed a $150 steak to her tiny chihuahua, bitbit. the next day, bitbit did the biggest bm brit had ever seen.

"survivor" host jeff probst may not have been eligible for the million dollar prize in vanuatu, but he won something else: contestant julie's heart. the two are happily dating despite a nearly 20-year age gap between them.

sk8r grrrl avril loads on the eyeliner before knocking a few pucks around at the rca records annual hockey game.

robbie williams had a steamy threeway with a lesbian couple. funny, i thought lesbians didn't sleep with men.

mr. madonna, guy ritchie, would like to meet with british prime minister, tony blair, to tell him about the healing properties of kabbalah water and convince him to distribute it to wounded soldiers in iraq. sounds like this guy's cuckoo for jewish mysticism.

andy bell of erasure hopes that his public declaration that he is hiv positive will help other with his disease to gain "a little respect". "there is still so much hysteria and ignorance surrounding hiv and aids," he said. "let's just get on with life."

imdb news:
  • jennifer garner is sparking rumors that she may have a bun in the oven as her belly seems a little bloated these days. can't a girl have a little water weight gain without any speculation? similar false reports have sprung up in past months about j. lo, britney and christina.
  • goldie hawn and kurt russell have fought back against claims that their marriage is in trouble by being photographed together nude.
  • julia roberts may have lied to the press about her expected delivery date to get a little privacy. how could she?
  • an la cop who pulled tara reid over for speeding ended up encouraging her to go faster. unfortunately, the 130 mph speed she reached did not result in an accident.

    orlando bloom was spotted getting snuggly with a blonde that was not girlfriend, kate bosworth while in dubai for a film festival. maybe he's looking to date an entire fellowship of girls rather than just one.

    adorable coco cox-arquette delivers today's celebrity baby news. bam! meril lovelace lagasse was born to father emeril. the little hunk of meat weighed five lbs, 13 oz. popbitch speculates that kate moss may be with child again and that victoria beckham's supposed pregnancy may be a publicity stunt.