Thursday, December 23, 2004

liv tyler and royston langdon beam over their tiny new baby, milo. no snarky remarks here. this is precious.

jennifer lopez's ex-husband has learned that, contrary to the title of one of her biggest hits, her love cost him $1,000 a week. lopez had given ojani noa a job managing her restaurant, madre's, but recently fired him. he's now suing j. lo for wrongful termination.

mtv is hoping the next "real world" cast will give us some dazed and confused antics. they're moving the show to austin, tejas.

gwyneth paltrow and chris martin are already talking about having baby number two. what's an apple without an orange?

have you got a thing for jail bait hottie shia labeouf too? stalk him on myspace (via oh no they didn't).

adam duritz's future fans may need help counting crows, or anything for that matter. raffi wannabe is planning on doing an album for children.

i donated blood and all i got was this lousy penn and teller ticket. the magician/comedians are giving tickets to their vegas performances away to anyone who donates blood by january 1st.

claire danes has lots of gifts to wrap for beau, billy crudup. she's also wrapped herself up in a north face michelin man look.

toby maguire's long term girlfriend, jen meyer, is mixing business with pleasure. the executive for ralph lauren is trying to convince her personal spiderman to model for the designer.

i never thought i'd see the day. liam and noel gallagher are showing a little brotherly love. the famously fueding brothers from oasis are throwing a party together to celebrate their friends and family. they shelled out almost $20k on booze alone.

does this surprise anyone? robbie williams enjoys recording his songs in the buff.

as julia roberts was headed to the hospital to give birth to finn and hazel, her car broke down. she and husband, danny moder, were luckily picked up by a cab.

cheating an old lady out of money is so punk rock. johnny ramone's wife is refusing to send his mother the monthly checks that he promised her.

yes, jessica, your most important assets are still in place. mrs. lachey does what many a man wishes he could do to her in maui.