Tuesday, December 21, 2004

binny skitch lindsay lohan shows that she is relatively self-aware as she wears this t-shirt emblazoned with the words, "skinny bitch". this photograph was taken from a wild day of sidekick shopping as paris hilton's sidekick. read a first person account of it here.

despite the fact that they have made a united front and looked quite happy at the la premiere of the aviator, a source is reporting that gwen stefani and gavin rossdale have broken up over that illegitimate child thing. doesn't gwen know that love means never having to say you're sorry? (via oh no they didn't)

natasha lyonne in jail update: she was arrested on friday after threatening a neighbor's dog and throwing her mirror from the wall. weird tidbit: her landlord is michael rapaport.

cameron diaz has purchased a $3 million home in the hollywood hills to share with her boy toy, justin timberlake, the musical manchild. in your face, naysayers.

harry potter and the mulatto prince is due in bookstores on july 16. better start standing in line now.

bad news kitty, george from "the apprentice" will be cutting back on his appearances in the next season. he will be replaced by 31-year-old corporate lawyer michelle scarborough. let's hope carolyn and michelle have a few cat fights to rival those of the contestants.

nick lachey and ryan cabrera are caught, ummm, bonding in maui while their girls, jessica and ashlee shop.

sean penn reminisces about getting boozed up by grandma, nearly killing a man and putting a cigarette out in a football player's palm.

wesley snipes is suing nyc after a warrant for his arrest was made up because he refuses to submit to paternity tests. the woman who claims to be his baby mama is a "mentally ill crack addict". hmmm, sounds like just his type.

naomi campbell will only "do it for poppy" if it's according to her rules. she's possibly split from man of the year, usher raymond, because his controlling ways have interfered with her controlling ways.

velvet goldmine's jonathan rhys-meyers steals the part of elvis away from michael st. gerard. have you no heart, you irish bastard?

scarlett johansson has her hopes up high. she wants to go for cocktails with prince william. then maybe take him back to her living room hot tub to stare at the satin wallpaper. she may also do the trendy thing right now and quit acting for charity.

brit with her fine hubby britney and kevin federline sent out this darling christmas card to their fan club members, not knowing that christmas cards were supposed to show the senders in tacky holiday sweaters, not tacky bridal wear.

has lisa snowdon gotten hollywood's most famous cad to settle down? she's recently been spotted with a sparkler on her wedding ring finger that may have been put there by her on-again boyfriend, george clooney.

as if the osbournes needed any more dysfuntionality. sharon osbourne has admitted that she is bulimic. jennifer aniston proves herself equally dysfunctional as her therapist was her "surrogate mother". all those who claim her marriage is on the rocks score points as she's been spotted without her wedding ring.

first sean john and now this? new york fashion week takes another step down by allowing jennifer lopez's j. lo line a show in february. peta does the same thing by getting the worm, dennis rodman, to pose for their "i'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign.

wanna puke? then read these lines from steve bing's x-mas song for girlfriend, nicole kidman:
"I know we'll be jolly, stuff turkey and wave mistletoe. Even better with friends than flying it solo. Me? I'll do it with this seasonal chick. She's a cool cat. Untie the bow and welcome the other Saint Nic."

anna and enrique: not married.

i'm so goth kelly osbourne is looking more and more like the princess of darkness every day. daddy must be so proud. she's almost ready to bite the head off her first bat!