Friday, December 03, 2004

bjane02 lindsay lohan, if britpoppa had ts as bodacious as yours, you bet your ass she would be doing nude scenes by now. think about it.

if you're planning on watching vh1's big in '04 awards (yeah right), you might want to skip this item because there's a spoiler ahead. anna nicole smith tried to top her ama presentation by nearly flashing the audience.

kate moss lost her virginity at 14 and started boozing at 13. i mean, who didn't?

posh and ginger have made nice. victoria beckham has asked geri halliwell to come to the christening of her two sons. she famously snubbed the ex-spice girl and her ex-pal when it came time to send out her wedding invitations. best headline ever: "merry christening: war is over".

vincent gallo will totally play against type when he stars on the next season of hbo's "entourage" as a quirky indie director. way to stretch, vinnie.

see mark seliger's first pics from the johnny cash movie with joaquin phoenix and reese witherspoon. it's the reason she dyed her hair brown.

zacmands when the photos arrive, we know it's for real. zach braff and mandy moore are totally doing it!

what's eating leonardo dicaprio? could be ocd. he is afraid to step on the cracks in the sidewalk and must step on every pavement stain he sees.

joan rivers and kathy griffin go on double dates. how sweet.

justin timberlake is going from trousersnake to iron man when he takes on the role of the comic hero in a new film. i'm hoping this is a joke. justin timberlake as a comic book hero? since when do comic book movies have extended dance numbers?

big surprise. lindsay lohan's dad is making trouble again.

halle berry is moving her boyfriend, silver spring, md native michael ealy into her home. the two were co-stars in the upcoming film version of high school classic, their eyes were watching god, complete with the masturbation scene that always tickles the teens.

rush and molloy:
  • odb's "wife" may never have married him.
  • britney spears might be 11 weeks pregnant and waiting for the end of her first trimester to announce the news.
  • the guys of ocean's 12 are still pranksters.
  • queen latifah loves the lesbian bars.

    just when i though tv couldn't sink any lower, the wb orders a script for a "bergdorf blondes" tv show. this book was so bad it prompted me to write my first and only amazon review.

    ben kweller singing "lollipop" and the dandy warhols doing "all i have to do is dream"? this is going to be the best zombie-themed video game soundtrack in months.

    paris i'm so confused. paris hilton actually looked relatively classy last night at the gq men of the year awards.