Wednesday, December 08, 2004

lindsay lohan caused quite a stir yesterday on trl when she wore a t-shirt with the words, "you were never my boyfriend" written on it. some say it refers to model, clarence fuller, who she's had her eyes on, but it's more likely it was a poke at ex, wilmer valderrama. who knows? maybe she's still hung up over the aaron carter thing and it's a reference to that. teenage girls are so hard to understand.

wilmer may be regretting his decision to break up with his fiery-haired lady. word is he's been calling her nonstop since thursday.

queen latifah loves her some seth cohen. she recently gave adam brody a shout out in the grocery store. at long last we know how she spends her thursday nights. unity.

lil kim joins a prestigious list that includes anna nicole smith, odb, tlc and carmen electra. she's working on a new reality show. it may air on vh1.

i'll believe it when i see it: jennifer lopez plans to spend christmas in homeless shelters in the bronx, giving out presents and doing a mini concert.

natalie portman says her statement about understanding what's it's like to be black was really a statement about her mastery of the w.e.b. dubois text, the souls of black folk. clearly her interviewer at allure didn't go to harvard.

kate hudson attended gentleman's club in nyc with her husband and benicio del toro, receiving a lap dance and giving tarot card readings to the dancers. if there's one thing a stripper could use, it's an accurate tarot card reading.

miss lohan loves the beach boys. she's hoping she'll be brian wilson's date to the grammys.