Monday, December 13, 2004

let's start the day off with some survivor news. last night, big fat liar chris won the million dollars in the finale of "survivor: vanuatu", but the real whiner, i mean winner, was eliza. her prize: best eliza dushku impersonation. they look so alike it's spooky and they have the same name. another survivor in the news, jenna lewis, from season one and all stars, was behind the "leaking" of her own sex tape. i'm so shocked.

golden globe nominations are out. see the list here. nicolette sheridan got a nod. hollywood foreign press, wtf?

gisele bundchen has reneged on her promise of $5,000 to whoever returned her precious pooch. the couple that found her terrier vida were not only denied the reward money, but also threatened at gunpoint.

the post's liz smith is super pissed that the media didn't listen to her when she insisted that jack white and renee zellweger were not getting married. she insists again that the on again, off again couple are off again, and have been since september.

someone didn't like the idea of a spice girl posing as mother of god. the madame tussauds nativity scene was destroyed by a 20-year-old visitor of the wax museum on sunday.

nbc will soon be offering fans a chance at buying the wardrobes and props from their favorite shows. i've got dibs on joey's shoelaces.

page six asks,
"WHICH young Hollywood couple has an open relationship? The guy, who has money but no career, likes to be seen with the actress for the publicity. And she stays with him because he supplies her with high-grade cocaine. They both cheat on each other but make nice for the cameras..."
could it be any more brandon and mischa? i mean, make it a little harder next time, please.

no one can call britney spears selfish. her christmas gift to america is to continue to singlehandedly debunk the myth that celebrities are flawless. she does so this time in a wonderful early madonna meets trailer park princess ensemble. more pics here.

scarlett johansson may be moving on to derek jeter after that embarrassing incident with jared leto. for some reason, i don't think his rumored girlfriend, vanessa minnillo will think this match is a home run.

what was karl lagerfeld thinking? he's gone even more low culture than h&m by selling his name (and perhaps his soul) to department store juniors section staple, tommy hilfiger. can't wait to buy lagerfeld at the outlet stores!

ellen degeneres loves the blondes. she dumped her girlfriend of four years, alexandra hedison for "arrested development's" portia derossi. more like portia delicious.

in case britpoppa didn't give you enough lindsay lohan coverage last week, stereogum has a full summary of her escapades and open all night has photos to go along with it. and i wouldn't want paris hilton's sloppy seconds either. lindsay's pissed that her current love interest, clarence fuller, used to get with ph. she blew off some steam from the argument by partying at the same manhattan strip club where her father was booted, scores.

ozzy osbourne may play the villain in a chitty chitty bang bang revival for the british stage. let's hope incomprehensible and stumbling are characteristics of the role.

nic cage is getting a bejewled cane for christmas. the fuzzy leopard print pimp suit is coming for easter.

cameron diaz has started filming the paparazzi that film her to prove "just how terrifying her life can be at the hands of photographers". she's even started paying her personal trainer to do the camera work for her.