Wednesday, December 22, 2004

ooh, burn kelso, if someone told you that argyle trucker hats were in any way attractive, you definitely got punked.

more info on the paige davis sex tape: the video supposedly captures the tlc hostess singing "i feel pretty" in the shower. it was filmed in 1997 when the only things she was trading were sexual favors.

dick clark is still in the hospital after suffering a stroke earlier this month. he may be watching regis host his annual "new year's rockin' eve" program from a craftmatic adjustable bed at cedars sinai. poor thing.

"my name is ashley." "your name is ashley." ashley olsen is taking classes in the meisner acting technique for $300 a month. she must still be feeling the burn from when m-k got an emmy nomination and she did not.

clay aiken's lover may not be as "invisible" as he hopes. rumor has it, the "american idol" runner-up's hairdresser may be doing more than just his client's hair.

posh and becks are out to try and prove their intelligence (and possibly the stability of their marriage) by going on the british version of "who wants to be a millionaire". i think the only thing they'll manage to prove is whether or not victoria is indeed preggers.

uma thurman is tipped to be replacing nicole kidman in the movie remake of the producers. this may be good news for co-star, matthew broderick, since the last movie he made with kidman, the stepford wives was the definition of awful.

christina aguilera rides dumbo at disneyland while exploring a bizarre santa/shirley temple look.

here's another reason to resent anna wintour. the vogue editor has her teen vogue staff send out for samples from designers in order to pile up more presents under her own tree. the samples go to her teen daughter bee shaffer, who has her name honorarily on the masthead of the magazine.

if jennifer aniston is no longer hot for hubby brad pitt, her recent purchases aren't showing it. she spent nearly $2,000 in london on raunchy lingerie and sex toys. maybe jenn isn't the good girl we all think she is.

mariah carey is giving her close female friends diamond encrusted stockings for christmas. just what they always wanted. hey mariah, maybe you should give the gals the $28k straight up if you don't want to see these stockings on ebay.

kirstie alley will serve as jenny craig's latest celebrity spokesperson because their food is "the yummiest". i have a few issues with this. first, aren't the commercials supposed to celebrate people who've already lost weight? second, if kirstie's excited about the "yummy" food, this whole losing weight thing isn't likely to happen. and finally, how can she be the "fat actress" if she's no longer fat? pier one, please rehire your full-figured fairy godmother.

wanna get prince charles's attention? just dress like a harajuku girl. the british royal was "intrigued" by gwen stefani's look at a recent concert and gave her performance a thumbs up.

ash, tell your sister britpoppa thinks she has a great rack, but a really shitty tan. can you say raccoon? wow.